Tempo Timesheets 8.2: New UI for Work Attributes

tempo timesheets 8.2 release

We've been working on the administration side of Tempo Timesheets for JIRA among other things. In Tempo Timesheets 8.1, we introduced new permissions to simplify the permission management in Tempo.

What's new in Tempo Timesheets 8.2?

In our latest release, we're introducing a completely new UI for work attributes–previously know as worklog attributes. A new list type attribute with simple drop-down lists (static lists) is also available in this version.

You can add additional custom fields to the form that users fill out when they log their work. These additional fields are called work attributes, for instance overtime, account, and transport costs.

What else?

This new release of Tempo Timesheets will include a feature removal of the script worklog attribute type. If you are not using this feature, this will not affect your Tempo set up or affect dynamic drop-down lists, which get information from a REST service.

Get information about how your instance is affected by an upgrade, by reading the proactive actions for each release. Depending on the upgrade, user permissions might change, features might be removed, or extra upgrade administration tasks might be required.[/callout]

Adding a work attribute to the log work form

Like Atlassian's JIRA applications which allow you to add custom fields in addition to the built-in fields, Tempo lets you add work attributes (custom fields) to the log work form when JIRA users log their time in addition to the built-in attributes. Learn more about types of work attributes available here.


The work attributes are accessible from the Administration page under Add-ons and Tempo. It's easy to add fields to the log work form with in-line editing. Below you can see the new UI.


In the screenshot above, we've added all types of attributes to our log work form - which will be visible when users log their work (see next screenshot).

You can name your attribute whatever you want, have it as a requirement (or not), and finally choose which type you would like it to be as mentioned earlier.

[callout class="tip"]JIRA issues can also include an Account drop-down list, which is a JIRA custom field, not a work attribute. If users select an account on a work log, the hours are logged to that account and not to any account that is selected on the JIRA issue.[/callout]

Collect customized data when users log their time

As JIRA users log their work with Tempo Timesheets, the attributes are displayed in the form. The work attributes are ideal and valuable when custom data collection is needed.


It's also possible to report on work attributes. You can report on multiple levels i.e. user, project, team, account, advanced, and JIRA issue level. Use filters to pare down your report until it only shows the data that you want, as shown below. It's easy to export all data to Excel.

If your team is using the Tempo mobile app to log work, the work attributes are supported in the app as well. 


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