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Tempo - changing the way you manage projects since 2007

Sometimes great ideas come from small beginnings. This is certainly true for the origin of Tempo. 10 years ago, a company manager in Iceland was faced with an issue. He needed a lean, sophisticated way to manage his team’s projects. He came across a cutting-edge, new tool named Jira (made by Atlassian).

Soon after Jira was implemented, the team immediately faced a new problem... now employees had to log their work in two systems. To solve this, the team built their own internal solution on top of the Jira platform. Creating the solution to the internal time tracking issue within Jira, was the spark that ignited the project that has grown into what Tempo is today. With offices across the world, millions of dollars in revenue and a cool, new way of managing projects, Tempo is the go-to solution provider for Project Managers within Jira.

Short history of the Tempo logo:


What would be Tempo’s first product, Tempo Timesheets, launched as an internal solution in the Spring of 2007. It provided an easy way to log work within the Jira environment; however, it also solved another need, it centralized and consolidated information in order to bill customers.

At that time, Tempo’s parent company, Nyherji, was a consulting company that had to bill customers on a monthly basis. Which meant they needed accurate, real-time reporting in order to provide billing reports quickly and efficiently. After the implementation of Jira and using the yet-to-be-named time tracking plugin, Nyherji was able to create, review and share detailed time tracking and billing reports in half the time.

The team quickly realized their small, in-house solution had potential to help a much larger audience. They knew there were other companies out there looking for an easy way to track time. They also knew other companies needed accurate billing reports. And thus, Tempo Timesheets launched to the world in 2009.

At first, the team was small and celebrated every single sale. That changed fast.

“I knew from the beginning Tempo could be big. As Atlassian grew and their annual Summit increased in size, we started to feel the success and see it in our numbers” - Pétur Ágústsson, CCO of Tempo

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Tempo has been an integral part of the Atlassian ecosystem and community from early days. The adoption that Tempo solutions have received from Atlassian users has been overwhelming. In the early years, many customers admitted that Tempo was a key factor for switching to the Jira platform. Jira's open platform made it really easy for Tempo to develop the first plugin and the company has taken advantage of that ever since.

“When Atlassian started inviting us to events, that’s when I knew we had something” - Kristín Hreinsdóttir, Product Manager at Tempo

Tempo may have started as a tool to help you track time and invoice customers but it has grown into a complete project management offering. Launching Tempo Planner, as well as acquiring Tempo Budgets in 2014, completes the Tempo suite. Other major milestones have included offering a mobile version so customers can log their time and manage their projects anytime, anyplace. Integrating with other popular platforms, like Slack and HipChat, was another big step towards providing customers with an excellent project management experience.

“Keep making a great product, and don’t forget, the customers is in charge” - Sverrir Tynes, Tempo alumni

Today Tempo is one of the largest vendors in the Atlassian ecosystem. The company has grown to include apps to help teams plan work (Tempo Planner) and manage finances (Tempo Budgets). With state-of-the-art technology, Tempo's Jira project management tools help companies manage their time, teams and projects in a more efficient manner. All without having to leave their Jira environment.