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Painless time tracking in JIRA: Customize the Suggestion Sidebar

Ever wondered why the sidebar of your Jira project management tools displays specific Jira issues instead of others?


Did you know you can configure the sidebar and customize it according to your time tracking needs? 

The sidebar is available for both server and cloud versions of Tempo for Jira.

Configure the suggestion sections in the sidebar

The sidebar displays 4 sections of time tracking suggestions by default, which are from a predefined JQL searches:

  • My activities displays the latest issues from your Jira activity stream - if you have the Activity Stream gadget on
  • Recently viewed issues
  • Internal issues
  • Watched issues

You can add more sections to the sidebar by choosing a Jira filter (JQL) from your favorite filters list. By adding a Jira filter to the sidebar allows you to customize exactly what you see in the sidebar - just by saving your issue search as a filter and adding it to the sidebar.

Time tracking: Customize your sidebar by configuring what is displayed there

All users can configure which section they see in the sidebar and how to order them according to individual needs.


Click on the cogwheel above the sidebar to add your favorite filter, order the sections by dragging and dropping, and unclick the sections you don't want to display.  

If the issue suggestion list is long, only a part of the list will be shown and  users can select  ‘Load more’  to see rest of the list.

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