Easy and Accurate Time Tracking in JIRA with Tempo

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Our teams have been working hard to bring a new version of Tempo Cloud for Jira to our users. Today, we’re happy to unveil the new feature available in Tempo Cloud for Jira – My Work.

My Work is your place to:

  • Plan and log work
  • Get a glimpse of whether you are ahead or behind on your required hours
  • See the status of your timesheet
  • Submit your timesheet for approval


Tempo offers multiple ways of logging your time to suit individual needs. What do you prefer for Jira time tracking software? The user timesheet, the calendar view, from a Jira issue view, using the real-time trackers, the mobile app, or from your favorite chat tool?

What else can you do in My Work, besides time tracking in Jira?

You can now plan your work in the calendar view

As part of the process of developing Tempo Cloud, we re-evaluated Tempo according to our customers’ feedback.

Being able to plan in the calendar view has been a highly requested feature since we first introduced the worklog calendar in 2015. The good news is...

It's now possible to plan and log work in the calendar view.

Simply hover over the plus sign for each day and click on “Plan Work”. You can plan time on issues, projects, versions, or components. You can see your plans in the calendar view and the Tempo Mobile app.

One click, and you can convert plans into worklogs - easy and accurate time tracking in Jira with Tempo.


Full planning features for your team are alongside other resource management features in Tempo Planner. If Tempo Planner is enabled, you can also toggle between worklogs and plans in the report view.

Submit your timesheet for approval

You can also submit your timesheet from the calendar view or the timesheet view. In the top right corner (see screenshot above), you can see whether you are ahead or behind on your required hours for the period.

It's easy to submit your timesheet when you're ready. If you've logged all your required hours for the period, the text on the “Current Period” button changes to a message about submitting the timesheet. Before submitting your timesheet, you choose your reviewer and can add an optional comment as well.

Re-booted user timesheet and timesheet reporting

The user timesheet view has been around in Tempo since Tempo 1.0. You can easily toggle between the calendar view and the timesheet view in the top right corner (see screenshot below).


You can log work on issues in the timesheet view as well as in the calendar view. You can either log work in a single block or by spreading out logged work across a period of time. Also, click on the “Log work” button above the timesheet.

In our new cloud version, the timesheet view pulls a double duty as it is also a timesheet report for individual users. Select a custom period and use the grouping options to pivot your data as you see fit.

When your report is ready, export it to an Excel file and you’re done!

Tempo Planner Resource Planning Guide

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