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Webinar Recording | What's new in Tempo Planner 4.0 and Tempo Budgets 11.0?

Last week we hosted two webinars highlighting recent major releases of Tempo Planner 4.0 and Tempo Budgets 11.0 for JIRA.

If you were unlucky enough not to be able to attend, don't worry! We recorded the webinars and you can find the recordings below.

What’s new in Tempo Budgets 11.0 webinar

In this webinar, Marta Schluneger, the Tempo Marketing Manager for Tempo Budgets did an in-depth introduction to the new folio and portfolio overview screens, the new summaries of staff, costs, and revenue, as well as gadgets. She also talked about the rebranding of Tempo Folio to Tempo Budgets and answered questions during the Q&A session.


What’s new in Tempo Planner 4.0 webinar

In this webinar we went through the changes made in the 3.4 and 4.0 releases of Tempo Planner and demonstrated how they can benefit organization of all shapes and sizes.

We also highlighted the new Tempo Mobile 1.4 release and introduced the integration that has been made between Tempo Planner and Tempo Mobile. Take a look at everything that transpired in the webinar here below in the video.


Tempo webinars

On behalf of the Tempo team, we would like to offer you the chance to take part in a live walkthrough demo of our Tempo suite of add-ons to make sure you're fully experiencing everything that our product has to offer.

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