3 Ways Mobile is Changing the Way We Work


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Our day-to-day lives are constantly being shaped by new technology. These days, we book our hotels, control our finances, order take-out and do our shopping from our mobile devices.

Such trends from our personal lives are gradually converging into our workplace as well. With millennials making up the majority of the workplace, and being the most active mobile users, this trend hardly comes as a surprise.

With the workplace being one of the areas where most people spend a large part of their day, it is no wonder that mobile is also affecting the ways we work:

Mobile technology provides flexibility

The era of traditional office hours and brick-and-mortar businesses are evolving to asynchronous work schedules and remote offices. Work is no longer associated with a physical place one needs to go to, but rather, it is something we do - on the go.

[tweetme]Work mobility, i.e. the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device is becoming more and more important to employees.[/tweetme]

This can have a positive effect on employees as it allows them to spend more valuable time with their families. They feel less pressured to be tied to their office environment all day, and less stressed out when they leave the office because they still maintain collaboration with their teams from a different location.

[callout class="user"]This “consumerization” of enterprise software reflects the evolution toward more productive, cost-effective, and enjoyable work environments where companies can more efficiently optimize and track workflow across teams, encourage better collaboration with remote employees or while traveling, increase transparency and unify the work experience across devices.[/callout]

Quicker communication with mobile

The days of fax, landline telephones, and pagers are numbered. In fact, what used to be the main means of communication is beginning to draw upon feelings of nostalgia in today’s world. Nowadays, it’s all about messaging apps, email, or video conferencing. Our current work force has a variety of new possible ways to communicate with each other through our mobile devices. This makes for faster, easier, and more effortless communication.

[callout class="tip"]A few years ago, a remote employee was only reachable by a few limited ways such as conference calls via telephone. Today, you can have a video chat and share your screen with a co-worker living in Bangladesh, who is taking a bubble bath, on his mobile device.[/callout]

According to Statista, as of 2015, 75% of internet users worldwide had accessed messaging services on mobile devices. The increase in mobile communication has revolutionized the way the human race communicates with each other.

Remote employees working from different parts of the world have especially reaped the benefits of this trend in mobile communications.

[tweetme]Mobile devices have become business critical tools for service companies who pride themselves in offering speedy service and support with a lower response time than their competitors.[/tweetme]

Most people carry their mobile devices on them throughout the day and are therefore reachable almost 24/7. For some businesses, that is extremely important. In the end, it’s all about the customer right?

Mobile devices are replacing everyday items

If we only rewind a few years, we will realize many thing which used to play a significant part in our lives have been replaced by mobile devices to some extent - cameras, alarm clocks, calculators, watches, flashlights, notepads, schedulers, radios, books, magazines, music players. All we need to do is to unlock our mobile screens and we will find apps that have partially replaced these items.


This is a trend that will most definitely continue with Internet of things evolving to more things. In an ever changing world where technology is evolving at such a rapid speed, it is tremendously important for businesses to be adaptable to change and embrace new technology.

Mobile technology is not a fad, it’s a fast growing technology which can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and get a competitive edge on their competitors.

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