Use Tempo Timesheets to Manage Employee Time for Resource Management

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At its core, Tempo Timesheets is fundamentally a time tracking tool for everyone, in every organization, in real-time. With Jira time tracking at its core, Tempo Timesheets offers a variety of reporting features and planning options for team members, teams, and managers.  

The person responsible for a team or teams - typically, team lead or a manager - is the person who delegates tasks, makes sure that everybody have tasks to complete, approves vacations, and provides the team with a vision of their objectives. In this case, we'll explore how team leads and managers can use Tempo Timesheets on top of JIRA (including JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, and JIRA Core) for a simpler resource management for all teams - plan and manage your team with more informed decisions on resource allocation.

If you work in software product development and are managing a team, you know that there's a lot of work that goes into each release, and it can also vary. You may need additional help from members of another team if you're working with dynamic teams. With Tempo Timesheets, you can request approval for a team member from another team from their manager, designating the days and hours you'd like them to work on a JIRA issue, along with a description of the work to be completed.

Working on projects that need to be delivered on time, and every task needs to be organized and prioritized according to a plan is a challenge - keeping everybody on the same page and being able to reach out to others if someone hits a wall. As a solution, your team can use JIRA to outline projects and track work on releases and deliveries. On top, Tempo Timesheets extends JIRA's capabilities to help teams plan, track, and log work on issues associated with their projects. With Tempo Timesheets you gain accurate reports of all logged time, and you're able to better manage the team's progress and monitor how team members are spending their time.

Let's take a look at how you can manage team resources with Tempo Timesheet for JIRA.

A Good Overview of the Current Status in the Team Timesheet

To start with, Tempo Timesheets provides you with a good overview of the current status of each team member's logged hours for selected periods in one team timesheet.

How would a team timesheet look?


In addition to showing the team member's type of issues and a calendar of hours logged, the team timesheet reveals the status of the JIRA task (S), the total hours logged on the project for each member (Σ), total hours planned (P), and the last column shows how many hours have been logged out of the required ones for each team member (%). For a better overview, you can view the timesheet in a reporting mode or as a list.

By looking at your team timesheet, you can immediately see the current status of how a project’s workload is distributed among  team members.

Clear Communication Channels Between Team Leads and Team Members

Many organizations use internal issues in JIRA and Tempo Timesheets for logging employee time on things like sick time, vacations, meetings, parental leave, and travel time. With resource management and planning, teams can plan on many of these events as well. Planning on internal things and project related tasks, managers can quickly determine whether team members will be available for work at a given time. Team members can either plan their own time or a manager with Approve Timesheet permission can do it for them.

Tempo Timesheets’ Planned Time Approvals enables team leads to manage the process of approving requests for allocating time to something else. For instance, if your organization works with dynamic teams, another team lead can requests time from one of your team members to take part in another project to meet a deadline, provide guidance, or additional expertise. You can either approve it or reject the proposed time plan. Clear communication channels between team leads and other team members helps to prevent planning conflicts, ensuring teams are in sync, adequately sources to meet project and release deadlines, and on the same page.

The below screenshot shows an example of a dynamic team where Jessie's expertise is needed by another team and her manager, Robert Penn, needs to approve it.


Robert gets a notification in his activity stream, saying that someone is requesting time from one of his team members. He could include a message saying why he is rejecting your request or approving it.

Visibility and Transparency to Activities and Resource Management

You can visualize team and project resources graphically with Tempo Timesheets' various gadget features to identify resource shortages and monitor your team’s availability and momentum.

Resource Management Gadgets for Team Leads

Get a quick overview of how your team is progressing for any given period or week with a direct link to its corresponding timesheet in Tempo. The gadgets display worklog and planned data for team members. If you have the Approve Timesheet permission, these gadgets are available to you.

The Team Hours gadget tracks overall planned and worked time for each team member, giving you immediate access to your team and their hours.


The Team Timesheet Gadget displays a team's timesheet for a selected period. For you as the team lead, this gadget is great. You can track your team's overall worked time. Also, you can select the time period.


The Planned Time by Team gadget displays planned and unplanned time in the future for your team. Get a graphical overview of unallocated time and time allocated by an activity, in this case the activities planned are SAM and WDP (projects).  


Get a better sense of what your team members are working on over the upcoming weeks, as well as the progress of your current projects, so you can allocate time and resources and plan for new activities. The above screenshot provides an example of the Planned Time by Team gadget. The team Customer Web Development is allocated for 40%. Their manager can easily know that 60% of their available time for the period remains unplanned.

Managing team allocation and efforts centrally in JIRA with Tempo Timesheets gives you more time to focus on guidance and leadership to achieve key results and report back to management.

Learn more about Tempo Timesheets by starting your free 30-day trial today or see Tempo in action by booking a live demo:

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