Say Hello to Tempo Planner 4.0 with New Flexible Resource Management

The Planner team is incredibly proud to announce the release of Tempo Planner 4.0 for JIRA Server with new flexible resource management capabilities.

We are grateful for our awesome customers worldwide who have been actively providing us with feedback on what’s working and what’s not in Tempo Planner.

One of the most popular feature requests that our customers have been asking for is a more flexible approach to find resources to work on their projects and assignments in Tempo Planner.

As a result, the Tempo Planner team sat down and did a design sprint in an effort to simplify and sharpen the focus of Tempo Planner. The first result of the sprint is the brand new Resource Overview.

Introducing the new Resource Overview

When creating the Resource Overview we had two goals in mind:

  • To provide the user with a high-level view to see plans for resources.
  • To enable the user to quickly assess resource availability and find available resources.

The view allows users to find available people, see who are currently planned for projects and their capacity to take on new projects. It displays member’s availability on an upcoming project, across the whole company, regardless of which team they are in.

Tempo Planner Resource OverviewThe new Resource Overview

Immediately identify people that are over/underloaded and control the resource capacity with the Resource Overview.

Colored cells quickly helps you determine which resources are available to take on more work. Clicking on a resource drills down and shows more details on what they’re planned to work on.

The Resource Overview also accounts for and displays different workload and holidays according to configurations that have been made for each individual.

All summary calculations account for these schemes and give team leads and managers an accurate view of the total workload for resources.

Managing your resources is as easy as ABC with the new Tempo Planner 4.0 Resource Overview.

Customizable for all types of teams

One of the biggest benefits of the Resource Overview is the fact that it’s customizable and can be tailored exactly according to our customers needs.

We realized that many organizations do not work in fixed teams or have rotating team members in multiple teams. So we decided to move away from the team centric approach which has been used in Tempo Planner by adding resource filters to the Resource Overview.

The Resource Filters have a similar functionality as the JIRA filters. Filter the Resource Overview by: Roles, Tempo Teams, Names, JIRA user groups, or availability.

Resource Filtering

Filter options availability in the Resource Overview

With the Resource Filters, you can get an overview of developers within the organization, or designers working on a specific project, or drill down even further and view developers working on a specific team on certain project.

You can also create groups, teams, and pick individual users. As this view is not limited, you can pick and choose as you please with the search criteria options.

Once you’ve created a Resource Filter, make sure to save it, so it appears in the favorite filter section in the Resource Overview and revisit them at any time.

Saved Resource Filters

Saved Resource Filters

Filter resources by availability

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve added the option of filtering by availability! You can now filter resources within your organization by their availability.

This comes in handy when you need to find resources fast to work on a specific project. Here’s how the filtering works.

Simply type in how many available hours you need to filter by and the available resources that have available hours will appear in the Resource Overview. 

No more sending emails or running around the office asking team members if they have time available to work on a special project.

Quickly assess resource availability and find available resources with Tempo Planner’s new Resource Overview.

Evaluate employee workload at a glance with colored cells

New colored cell option has also been added to the Resource Overview. Easily identify if a resource is over- or underloaded with different colored cells. Clearly determine if a resource is fully planned, partially planned, overloaded, or has no plans.

If you’re not a fan of the colored cells, don’t worry, you can toggle them on and off simply from the user preferences in the top-right corner of the screen.

User Preferences

User Preferences in the Resource Overview

This release also includes a number of other smaller improvements and fixes to Tempo Planner.

Upgrading Tempo Planner is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Planner for JIRA through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Tempo Planner 4.0 will not initially be available for JIRA Cloud. The team is working hard on getting all Tempo Planner features to the cloud.

Do better together!

Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets, and Tempo Budgets add-on for enhanced time tracking and reporting, and portfolio management. With Tempo, you can customize our solutions to align with your specific organizational needs.

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