Tempo Planner 3.4: New export and import capabilities

We’re proud to announce the release of Tempo Planner 3.4 for JIRA. In this version, we’re introducing new export and import capabilities to allow external users to be able to view plans and plan within Tempo Planner. Improve transparency within your organization and with customers by adding new ways to share information!
Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at everything this release has to offer:

Share your plans with non-JIRA users, clients, and other stakeholders

The ability to export plans from Tempo Planner to a comma-separated value (.csv) file has been one of the most popular feature requests that we’ve been receiving for a long time now. That’s why it gives us great pleasure to announce that users can now export plans from Tempo Planner to a .csv file.

With this new feature team leads and users can easily share their plans in Tempo Planner with all stakeholders by exporting planning data as a .csv file. This is very useful, since stakeholders are often non-JIRA users and clients, who don’t have access to your Tempo Planner instance.

The export also allows you to keep track of your team's planning data in a spreadsheet, for further reporting and analysis, if necessary.

In order to export plans from Tempo Planner into a .csv file, you first need to go to the team members timeline. Select the planning period you’d like to export from the date navigation. The exported file includes all plans for a team over the selected planning period.

Date Navigation on the Team Members Timeline

Selecting a planning period with the date-navigation on the team members timeline

Once that’s done, you can click the three-dots icon located in the top-right corner of the screen and select Export data from the drop-down list.


The Export data button located on the team members timeline

This will create a .csv file with plans that have been created on the team members timeline.

Exported plans

Exported .csv file with planning data from the team members timeline

If you’re interested in learning more about how to export plans to a .csv file and get further explanation about the .csv report, then we strongly encourage you to take a quick look at our documentation pages. Learn how to export plans.

Easily import plans into Tempo Planner

Another popular feature request that we’ve had for a while now is the ability to import plans into Tempo Planner with a .csv file. We’re happy to say that our development team has been working hard on creating this feature and it’s now available.

Users can now import plans from spreadsheets or other software tools into Tempo Planner for more detailed planning. All plans imported into Tempo Planner are displayed on the team members timeline. Make sure you’re fully utilizing your Tempo Planner instance!

To import plans to the team members timeline, simply click the three dots icon, located in the top-right corner of the timeline and select Import data from the drop-down. This will open up the following dialog.


Import Plans dialog

Start by choosing the .csv source file with the planning data that you’d like to import into Tempo Planner. Then select the date format, the grouping separator, and the decimal separator. Once that’s done click the Next button.

This will open up the following view in which you need to map CSV Fields to the Tempo Planner Fields. Please make sure that the .csv file contains fields that correspond to the following Tempo Planner fields. Import_plans_map_fields

Import Plans: Map Fields

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to click the Import button and the plans from the .csv source file will be added to your team members timeline.


The team members timeline with imported plans

If you want to go into more detail about how to import plans from a .csv file and match the Tempo Planner field names with .csv fields, we recommend that you take a look at our documentation space to learn how to import plans.

This release also includes a number of other smaller improvements and fixes to Tempo Planner. For even more information check out our Tempo Planner 3.4 Release Notes for the full list of improvements and fixes.

Try Tempo Planner for Free

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Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets, and Tempo Folio add-on for enhanced time tracking and reporting, and portfolio management. With Tempo, you can customize our solutions to align with your specific organizational needs.



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