Press Release: Tempo Increased Revenue Growth by 56% YOY in 2015


Press Release

December 2015 was Tempo’s best month to date in new sales and overall revenue

REYKJAVIK, Iceland - February 26, 2015 - Tempo, creator of enterprise software solutions for Atlassian’s JIRA platform, has announced strong results for its 2015 fiscal year ending December 31, 2015, including a 56% increase in revenue over the previous year. The results were fueled by record revenue growth from the company’s resource management and planning solution, Tempo Planner, which grew 131% YOY, from its portfolio financial management solution, Tempo Folio, which grew 105% YOY, as well as a continued growth of Tempo’s cloud business, which grew 54% YOY.

Approximately 98% of Tempo’s revenue was generated outside of Iceland. The U.S. continues to be Tempo’s largest market, with 78% YOY growth, generating more than one-third of Tempo’s revenue in 2015. Additionally, revenue in Germany grew 56% YOY, and in the UK, 66% between years.

We are very excited and thrilled about the 2015 results, and acquiring 2,000 new customers in one year is beyond our estimates,” says Agust Einarsson, Tempo’s CEO. “The team also nearly doubled in size in one year, which has allowed us to focus on our mobile and cloud solutions, as well as innovation and product development. R&D costs represent our largest operational expense as more than one-third of Tempo’s revenue is invested in product development.

Tempo develops sophisticated, flexible software add-ons for Atlassian’s popular JIRA platform, which is used by more than 35,000+ customers worldwide. Tempo products are designed to enhance the efficiency of JIRA and help software, IT services, and core business teams collaborate, plan, track, and work smarter. Tempo’s mission is to make tools flexible enough to help both teams and management be more efficient, productive and successful in achieving their goals.    

Tempo won two awards at the Atlassian Summit in San Francisco in November 2015, for top-selling Atlassian Marketplace cloud add-on, Tempo Timesheets, and for the most creative Atlassian Marketplace marketing campaign, an international campaign which was aimed at April Fools’ Day.

Additional Business Highlights in 2015:

Products and Growth

  • Experienced significant year-over-year growth from from the company’s flagship product, Tempo Timesheets.
  • Launched a new mobile app for Tempo Timesheets, bringing accurate, flexible time tracking, calendar planning, and reporting to all end users and teams.
  • Launched a resource management and planning solution, Tempo Planner, in the cloud.
  • Launched Tempo Books, a new professional services automation solution.
  • Two cloud solutions were in the top 5 of all Atlassian Marketplace cloud add-ons by end of 2015.

Customers and Partners

  • Acquired 2,000 new paying customers in 2015, bringing the number to more than 7,000 customers worldwide.
  • Acquired new enterprise customers, including Fidelity Investments, Electronic Arts, MakerBot, Wells Fargo, and QualComm.
  • Partnered with 11 new Atlassian Expert partners, bringing the total number to nearly 100.  
  • Partner sales increased 79% over total 2014 sales.


  • Added 31 new staff members, bringing the total number to 75.
  • Following the December 2014 acquisition of Folio for JIRA (now Tempo Folio), which included expansion of Tempo in Montreal, Tempo will continue to build its development efforts in Montreal, Canada.
  • R&D costs represent Tempo’s largest operational expense. More than 1/3 of its revenue is invested in product development.


  • Launched the Women of Tempo initiative, aimed at fostering diversity and peer-to-peer mentoring through the local tech community.
  • Donated more than $22,000 to the non-profit Room to Read, calculated from all proceeds from $10, 10-user starter license sales. Room to Read seeks to improve literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.
  • Joined the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement, founded by Atlassian, Salesforce, and Rally.

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About Tempo

Tempo develops sophisticated enterprise software solutions that help make work easier and more efficient for software, IT services, and core business teams. Tempo has 7,000 customers worldwide, ranging from small startups to large-scale distributed enterprises, like Amazon, BMW, Pfizer, HomeAway, PayPal, Hulu, Dell, and Disney.

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