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Are you facing the problem of having to manually calculate your team’s available time?

You’re not alone.

Here’s a very common scenario when it comes to project management:

If you aren’t already a team lead or a project manager, imagine you’re one who’s managing a project for a client. One day, you received a call from the client requesting you to do more work on the project with the same delivery timeline without prior notice. In order to ensure client satisfaction, you accepted the extra work.

However, the bigger issue is that before a team member can start the planning process, there must be a definite answer to the main question:

“Who has available time to work on this project?”

What do you do then?

Finding the balance in time allocation within a team

Nobody wants their team members to be under or over allocated. An under allocated team member might end up being bored and unsatisfied, while an overallocated team member will most likely become stressed out and frustrated with the difficult workload.

The right work balance for a team member is likely to result in a team member who reaches his/her goals and is happy at work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always keep track of your team members capacity in a easy to view report?

Well, with Tempo Planner you can! Here’s how:

Introducing Tempo Planner's team capacity reports

In order to use the team capacity report, plans have to be made on the team members timeline. Once the plans have been made for team members, it’s time to check for available capacity.

To do that, you can access the capacity report, click Reports and select Team Capacity.
In the report, you can see the capacity of the team and exactly how much time team members have available. Immediately identify which team members are over allocated or under allocated.

Tempo Planner's team capacity report

Tempo Planner’s team capacity report

We’ve put together a short video demonstrating how you can use Tempo Planner to manage your team’s capacity in a simple and easy way. Check it out:

Make sure you’re fully utilizing your team and not under-or over-allocating your team members.

Want to learn more about Tempo Planner?

We encourage you to take a look at our documentation space for more details on the team members timeline and other useful Tempo Planner features. Watch our tutorial videos on how to get the most out of our Tempo suite of add-ons for JIRA.

Start your free 30-day trial today for book a demo to see Tempo in action:

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