Agile Time Tracking: Effectively Schedule & Ensure Team Participation

agile time tracking

As every Agile practitioner knows, an important component of Agile is to find smarter ways to work.

Whether your team practices kanban or scrum methodologies, or a mix of both, it's important to invest in agile software tools to reduce waste and inefficiencies. The more efficient a team becomes, the more work they can take on and the quicker they can release projects.

Plan, budget, and stay on track for excellent teamwork

With agile time tracking at its core, Tempo Timesheets offers a variety of reporting features to eliminate problems and enabling all teams to focus on activities to meet their goals, in every organization.

Did you know that you can plan work for team members with Tempo Planner for JIRA? With Tempo Planner’s team timelines, team leads and project managers can easily plan ahead for their teams and visualize better their short-term and long-term priorities.

With JIRA, projects can easily be outlined to track work on deliveries. It's possible to create workflows from scratch and associate each of them with particular project and issue types.

Tempo Timesheets extends JIRA’s project resources and collaboration features to help teams track work performed on issues and tasks associated with all JIRA projects - allowing all teams across your business to keep track of their estimated versus actual time spent on completing the project.

All it takes is 2 steps to create the right team

First create your team in JIRA with Tempo Teams, a system plugin available for free across all three Tempo products, and define the team's mission. Tempo Teams offers a centralized team space helping teams and team leads to keep track of their projects, releases, and internal tasks centrally in JIRA.


Next, clearly define team roles and responsibilities. Establish your team members, roles, capacity, as well as start and end dates (this is especially helpful for contractors and new hires for future planning), and designate workload and holiday schemes.

At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly. (The Agile Manifesto, 2016)

Transparency in effective scheduling

Tempo Timesheets provides a good overview of the current status in different timesheet views. Also, allowing you to report on past timesheets for agile planning.

Time tracking is about change and awareness. 

When we see how we spend our time, we can better understand how we can improve our use of it.

The regular user of Tempo Timesheets can do the core action, e.g. log work on issues or edit worklogs through the different timesheet views. Tempo Timesheets offer different ways of logging time. Whatever you prefer -  the user timesheet view, the worklog calendar, the real-time time tracker, and the Tempo Timesheets time tracking app to log time on the go.

Go back in time with Tempo Timesheets, where teams can actively seek out what caused bottlenecks and slow progress, and stay focused on the important stuff.

A manager can view a timesheet from the perspectives of a JIRA Project, Tempo Account, advanced custom view, or a JIRA Issue.

Increase capacity and speed with Agile time tracking

Your team's efficiency can be improved by eliminating unnecessary and time consuming jobs.

As a manager, you can thoroughly go over your team timesheet / project timesheet and break down each component or story of the project.


From a user standpoint, it's also beneficial to look at your own timesheet and evaluate the work quality and make improvements. Is your progress matching your team's mission and goals?


Although most team members don’t feel the direct benefits of tracking their time, time tracking helps teams see how they are spending their work time, prevents scope creep, over-utilization, and unrealistic deadlines.

To learn more about Tempo Timesheets, try it for free or read our guide.

The ultimate guide to Tempo Timesheets time tracking software

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