Track Your Organizational Value with Tempo Accounts

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Tempo Accounts Empowers Businesses to Better Track, Manage, and Report on Work Performed.

Last year, we introduced Tempo Accounts as a system plugin to extend to our portfolio of add-ons for JIRA, enabling businesses to more easily and efficiently manage teams, projects, accounts, and portfolio data across their organization. Prior to this change, Tempo’s account manager was a feature available only in our Tempo Timesheets solution. Today, Tempo Accounts also extends to our Tempo Books professional services solution and will soon be integrated with Tempo Budgets - our project and portfolio financial management for JIRA. 

Track Your Organizational Value With Tempo Accounts

Tempo’s Accounts empowers businesses to better track, manage, and report on work and visualize the distribution of work efforts across their organization. An account can represent different objectives for different organizations. It can help you track and report on a list of events, a tracking cost, a cost center, or it can refer to a group projects within a common entity serving a common purpose. Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business.

Tempo Accounts: Not Just for Managing Customer Projects

While some customers associate Tempo Accounts with billing and customer management, Tempo Accounts also enables organizations — including some of our largest enterprise customers — to better manage and categorize different types of organizational work activities across their business. Categories of expenditures can be used to differentiate organizational versus operational expenses, particularly those subject to depreciation and amortization. Tracking efforts and categories of expenses is an essential component of project and portfolio management, helping to increase organizational efficiency, connect project data silos, and ensure that initiatives across your business align with overall organizational strategy.

Account reports can roll up data on project progress, and can be exported to Excel. Custom user gadgets can be enabled directly within your JIRA dashboard, giving account managers, project managers, and PMO real-time data on their account statuses. REST APIs enable large enterprises to export data to their ERP for accounting, payroll, billing, and analysis.

Maximize Your Value out of JIRA—for Your Business and Your Customers

If you’re working with clients and use JIRA for development and project management, Tempo Accounts can help you collect all worklog data associated with your customer accounts, summarizing the total number of hours logged on all JIRA issues. A JIRA project is a collection of issues or tasks with worklogs associated to them. Every project has its own special identification. Tempo Accounts makes it possible to monitor the real-time statuses of work logged on JIRA issues that fall under your client projects, alleviating reliance on spreadsheets and other ad hoc tools for data reporting.

The best thing about Tempo Accounts is that it’s capable of generating specific Account ID’s, with the possibility of linking these ID’s to multiple projects. The deep integration of account categories in JIRA’s JQL is simply amazing!” Oliver Groht, catWorkX, Atlassian Expert and Tempo partner

Real-Time Visibility Into Your Team's Performance and Profitability

In addition to serving as a connection between Tempo products, Tempo Accounts serves as a link between JIRA issues and external systems, enabling businesses to group issues from multiple JIRA projects under a common entity, and track efforts against them, and customize the use of data as needed. One account can be linked to several JIRA projects, and customers can be connected to multiple accounts, enabling you to segment all work entries for client billing and effective customer management. This helps eliminate headaches, hassle, inefficiencies, and the possibility for inaccuracies or soured customers relationships.

Tempo Books extends Tempo’s account management capabilities for professional services teams in need of deeper activity classifications. These classifications and types of account categories help generate data for the team utilization reports. Managers can track how much time is spent on projects, and determined whether work efforts are billable or non-billable. This data can be used to measure team progress and to identify inefficiencies. With account approvals, they can review this work and all associated expenses before sending invoices to their customers.


Time spent on organizational activities — both billable and non-billable — is a cost to your business. As a consequence, it affects how you establish the price rates in Tempo Books per customer for your teams and the roles on those teams. With Tempo Accounts’ functionality in Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books, you gain a better understanding of and control over how these activities affect your bottom line.

Keep Your Priorities in Check

Whether your business is interested in tracking work efforts for customer billing, accounting, payroll, or for budgeting and forecasting, Tempo Accounts enhances your ability to manage your progress and priorities and keep your business initiatives in sync, driving long-term value and success.

This article was first published in the Tempo Magazine for Atlassian Summit 2015.


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