Tempo Timesheets Tip: A look at Tempo Timesheets permissions

tempo timesheets permissions

For September’s Tempo Timesheets tip of the month, we’re going to cover the different permissions in Tempo Timesheets. Different permissions are provided in Tempo Timesheets to enable managers and teams to customize more granularly the information that team members can see, depending on their role on that team.

Tempo provides various global permissions settings, which are system-wide permissions that can be granted to one or more groups of JIRA users. JIRA Administrators can manage all of Tempo’s global permissions. In Tempo Timesheets, permissions can be granted in four different ways: globally, per team, per project, and for account management.

Individuals who create teams within an organization, e.g. a human resource manager or a development manager, would need a global manage team permission. Team leads and other mid-level management roles that directly manage employees’ logged work efforts need a team-specific permission. Project-specific permissions are useful for project managers who need to manage all time and effort spent on tasks, issues, stories, and epics associated with specific JIRA Projects.

Global permissions

There are four different types of global permissions within Tempo Timesheets:

Tempo Administrator

Tempo Administrator permission can be given by a JIRA Administrator to selected JIRA groups. Those with this permission can configure and manage all administrative functions in Tempo. Tempo Administrators can configure employees’ workload and holiday schemes, designate the Tempo Time tracking period, establish Tempo accounts, and more.

Tempo Team Manager

Users with a Tempo team manager permission can create teams in Tempo and add members to those teams. This permission needs to be given by a JIRA Administrator to selected JIRA groups to handle the Teams’ administrative options in Tempo. Those with this permission can access the Administration and the Configuration tabs from a selected Team, which includes creating or deleting teams. With the Tempo team manager permission, users can configure team information through the Team Configuration.

team configuration

Tempo Time Tracking

Gives everybody who needs to track time access to Tempo Timesheets so they can track their time on JIRA issues, stories, and epics.

Tempo Account Manager

Gives access to manage all Tempo accounts, or to create new or update existing accounts. Tempo accounts can be used by account managers serving on professional services teams that need to manage and track work efforts spent on client projects for billing, managing various categories of work efforts, such as 'billable', 'non-billable', 'operational' or 'capital.' Even if an organization is not working directly with customers, Accounts are useful to help get a high-level overview of operational expenses vs. capital expenses.


Configuring permissions

Only a JIRA Administrator can configure Tempo’s global permissions. To access the Tempo permissions dialog, a person with the JIRA Administrator permission first has to select Administration from the Tempo drop-down menu in JIRA.

tempo permissions admin dropdown

This gives the JIRA Administrator the add-on administration view. Under Tempo, the JIRA Administrator can select ‘Tempo Permissions’ to assign global permissions to JIRA user groups.

tempo permissions jira administration view


Team-specific permissions

A JIRA user with the manage team permission — is typically a project manager or team lead who is managing one or more teams, assigned to them by a JIRA Administrator, working on one or more JIRA projects. Those with the tempo team manager permission can configure their team information in Tempo’s central teams space, including team member allocations, start and end dates, roles, working days, and permissions. To configure team member permissions, click on the configuration tab to access the permissions link in the left sidebar.

Tempo Teams permissions


Approve timesheet permission

Timesheet approvals are an optional feature within Tempo Timesheets. With timesheet approval enabled, managers can ensure that their teams are logging work for the assigned period for salary calculations, make sure their team or team members aren’t overloaded with work, and for customer billing, just to name a few.
This permission gives users the permission to view, edit and approve timesheets for their team members. This is typically given to the team lead or project manager who is overseeing team efforts, or their backup if they are out of the office or otherwise unavailable. A Tempo Admin may also approve team timesheets as needed.
Plan time

This permission gives users permission to plan time on team members in Tempo Timesheets, managers can use this as a basic resource planning tool to plan for their team's efforts. Perhaps a team member is assigned to more than one team. If so, one manager can request the time of the team member from another manager and use this feature to sign off on it.
Team members can also use this feature to plan for internal time, such as vacation days, travel, and meetings. It gives their managers a heads up that their team member will be unavailable at certain times.

Project-specific permission

Tempo’s Project Manager Role gives users permission to view all worklogs for a selected JIRA Project. For users to be able to log work, or edit and delete worklogs, either for themselves or for others, they will need the correct permission in the JIRA Permissions Schemes. The last section of the Permission Scheme is related to Log Work Permissions.


For those who are eager to learn more about Tempo Timesheets permissions, we recommend checking out our documentation pages to hone your Tempo Timesheets expertise.



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