Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Using different Timesheets

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Did you know that Tempo Timesheets for JIRA offers you various ways to view your timesheets by different perspectives? View your timesheet, focusing on user, project, team, account, issue, or the advanced view. Easily roll up the distribution of efforts across teams, segmented by what makes sense to your business. Lets take a look at the timesheets variations we have to offer and how they differ.

Accessing the Timesheets

Lets start of by accessing the Timesheets, this is done by simply clicking the Tempo drop-down menu and selecting Timesheets. This will cause  the default User Timesheet to open. However, In the top-left corner we have the option to view other timesheets: user, project, team, account, advanced, and issue timesheet. We’ll kick off with the user timesheet.


User Timesheet

The User Timesheets is the main Timesheet and is available to all users. Most Tempo Timesheets users should already be familiar with this timesheet, as here is where users get a good overview of all work logged on a daily basis. Easily view the issues worked on and how much time has been spent working on them. In the bottom-right corner the total hours are summed up and displayed. Above the timesheet the dates can be changed to view worklogs by day, week, month or custom period.


Project Timesheet

The Project Timesheet, which is useful for project management purposes, allows project managers to get a snapshot of a given project’s progress and view the commitment capacity of each contributing user. Quickly view all team members working on a particular project and see what issues they’ve been working on from day-to-day. Determine where efforts are being spent and make sure that resources are being spent on the right projects.  project-timesheetNavigate between projects by using the Project Picker in the top-left corner.


Below the Project Picker is the Scope Picker which can be used to put a different scope to the project. Choose the scope based on versions, components, or project overviews. Selecting this will refine the results displayed in the Project Timesheet.


Team Timesheet

This timesheet gives an overview of the Team Timesheet for a user with the Approve Timesheet permission. This view is really useful for team leads and project managers who need a quick overview of their teams logged work. Get a glimpse of what issues team members have been working on and make necessary adjustments if needed.


Navigate between teams with the Team Picker to view other teams.


Account Timesheet

The Account Timesheet is where users can get an overview of accounts, given that Tempo Accounts is being used. With the Account Timesheet account managers can easily report on customer accounts and get a breakdown on billable hours for an entire account for invoicing. See how resources are being spent on certain accounts whether it’s an account within your own organization or for customers.


Navigate between accounts by clicking the Account Picker and typing in or searching for a specific account.



Advanced Timesheet

The Advanced Timesheet is for a users with the Approve Timesheet permission. If none of the aforementioned timesheets fit your needs then we ultimately have the Advanced Timesheet. With this timesheet users can select previously created JIRA Issue Filters and display them. By doing this you’ll show issues that have logged time within a selected period. By using these types of filters, team leads and Scrum Master can easily access their teams data faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Advanced Timesheet also gives the options of viewing Invalid worklogs in Tempo Timesheets.


The item picker in the Advanced Timesheet is a Filter Picker. In the Filter Picker you can choose from options for JIRA Filters or Invalid Worklogs.



Issue Timesheet

Last but not least there’s the Issue Timesheet which comes in handy when searching for worklogs on a particular JIRA Issue. View different issues and see all the logged worked on that particular issue. With the Approve Timesheet permission you’ll be able to view all of the collaborators on the issue, which can be helpful when you have multiple team members working on one issue.


To find an issue click on the issue name or the drop-down arrow next to it, select a new issue from the list or start writing in the Find issue field.


And that’s how you can use the different timesheets in Tempo Timesheets. Make sure  you’re fully utilizing your Tempo instance. Stay tuned here on our blog for more neat tips and trick on using our Tempo suite of add-ons for Atlassian’s JIRA.


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