Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: The Grace Period


Time Tracking

We Tempo Timesheets users have all at some time forgotten to log our time for a certain period. When users forget to log time, the Tempo Scheduler schedules (if enabled) a closure, rendering users unable to add or edit worklogs after the closing date of a designated time tracking period.

The Tempo Scheduler can be enabled by Tempo Admins, and syncs up with your organization’s established time tracking period (e.g., 2 weeks, 1 month). If enabled, friendly reminders will be sent out to team members prior to the end of the period to log their remaining time in Tempo Timesheets.

To be able to add and edit those worklogs after a period’s closing date, team members can ask their team lead to grant them a short grace period, which allows them to add and edit their worklogs after the closing date. Let’s demonstrate how team leads can give their team members a grace period in Tempo Timesheets:

Granting a Grace Period

To grant users a grace period of any length, their team lead or a user with the Approve Timesheet permission can do so from the Actions list in the Team Timesheet and Project Timesheet. Let’s demonstrate.

First, the team lead or a user with the approve timesheet permission enters his User Timesheet and in the top left corner, the team lead can choose between different timesheets. The grace period can be granted from the Team- and Project Timesheets. Here, we’ll select the Team Timesheet.


The below screenshot displays the Team Timesheet from a team lead’s perspective, where we see all of the team members that are assigned to Team Tango. By hovering over a team member, the actions cog wheel appears. Click on the cog wheel and select Grace Period from the drop-down list (see image below).


This opens the Grace Period dialog, where you’ll need to fill in the following:

  1. Grace Hours - The number of hours the user has to complete the timesheet period.
  2. Select Period from and Period to dates for the Grace Period that needs to opened.

Once you’ve done that, click on the Add Grace Period button.


The dialog example above shows that the user, Paco Salendros, will be granted 2 hours to complete his timesheet (add or edit worklogs), for the Grace Period 14/May/14 - 20/May/14.

And that’s it! With this feature, team leads can administer custom grace periods for their team members if they wish to do so. If you’re a team lead, don’t let this feature pass you by, and if you’re a team member, make sure your team leader knows about this feature. As noted above, Tempo’s email reminders also can help your teams stay on track and logging work before the close of your time tracking periods.

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