Tempo Timesheets 7.15: Timesheet Approvals & Worklog Calendar Features

Our Tempo Timesheets team has been working hard through the last couple of sprints to deliver Tempo Timesheets 7.15 release for JIRA. Since our last release, where we introduced a new user interface for the Worklog Calendar, our team has focused their efforts on responding to  feature requests from  our customers, along with making the Worklog Calendar even better.

This latest version of Tempo Timesheets introduces a new UI and new features to the Timesheet Approval Process, new features in the Worklog Calendar, along with an updated version of Tempo Accounts.

New UI and Bulk Actions in the Timesheet Approval Process

Timesheet Approvals are an optional feature in Tempo Timesheets that many of our customers employ so that their employees can submit their timesheets to their managers for approval. Timesheet approvals give managers better overview of the work efforts and activities their teams are working on, to better keep track of planned work versus actual work and see if their team members are overburdened, if their team’s workload should be distributed differently, or if too much time is being spent on a task.

With  Tempo Timesheets 7.15, we’ve focused on simplifying  the process to  make the process easier and more efficient. Instead of reviewing and approving each timesheet individually, users with Approve Timesheet permission, can now use the Timesheet Approvals Report. The report provides an overview of the approval status for all team members, grouped by status within the selected period. From the Timesheet Approvals Report, team leads can view, approve, and reject timesheets, and also view the approval log for team members. They can also specify a grace period, which enables team members to log work after the end of a period (if the Tempo Scheduler is enabled).

The approvals link is displayed in the Team Timesheet view, which opens the Timesheet Approval Report for the period, in a weekly or monthly view, depending on the configuration.

Here you can see multiple timesheets being approved:
Here you can see multiple timesheets being approved:

Here you can see the additional options that are available from the Timesheet Approval Report:

Here you can see the additional options that are available from the Timesheet Approval Report

New Worklog Calendar Features

For our last Tempo Timesheets release, we introduced a new UI for the Worklog Calendar. For our Tempo Timesheets 7.15 release, we’ve made time tracking even more painless by adding Inline Suggestions to the Worklog Calendar, based on issues assigned to users and their capacity, allowing users to create a worklog simply by clicking on and accepting the suggestion.

create a worklog simply by clicking on and accepting the suggestion

Among the other new features in the Worklog Calendar we introduced for our last release, was the configurable Suggestions Sidebar. In the Suggestions Sidebar, users can see suggestions based on issues that have been recently worked on, recently viewed, assigned issues and internal issues.

With  this  release, we’ve implemented a feature that lets users to apply their own custom JIRA filter to view  precisely the issues they wish  to see at any given time. A JIRA filter from the user's favorite list can be displayed in the suggestions section. Multiple filters can be applied and each filter has its  own section.

Tempo Accounts 1.7

Updated Tempo Accounts

Last year, we introduced Tempo Accounts as a system plugin to extend to our portfolio of add-ons for JIRA, enabling businesses to more easily and efficiently manage teams, projects, accounts, and portfolio data across their organization. Tempo Accounts also extends to our Tempo Books professional services solution.

Tempo’s Accounts empowers businesses to better track, manage, and report on work and visualize the distribution of work efforts across their organization.  An account can represent different objectives for different organizations. It can help you track and report on a list of events, a tracking cost, a cost center, or it can refer to a group projects within a common entity serving a common purpose. Tempo Accounts provides a convenient way to analyze and capture high-level information of all work performed across your business.

Now our latest version, Tempo Accounts 1.7, is bundled with this release, and includes an improved and quicker UI, and the following new features:

Default Account for Projects

Users can now configure which account is used by default when issues are created in JIRA projects. When creating sub-tasks on a JIRA issue, the sub-task inherits the selected account from the parent issue. This means more accuracy in measuring account expenditures, as team members no longer have to choose an account when creating a subtask if they aren’t certain which account an issue is in relation to.

Link Accounts in Tempo’s Project Administration

An option has been added to Tempo’s Project Administration, to enable users to gain an overview of all accounts that are linked to a project and add or remove links to the accounts in one place. This means that project administrators can now manage account projects efficiently from one place.

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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