Tempo Timesheets 7.12: New Worklog Calendar and a New REST API

Tempo worklog calendar

With our Tempo Timesheets 7.12 release, we’ve launched a new feature called the Worklog Calendar which was designed in response to customer feedback to help users log their work more easily and efficiently. This release also includes a new worklog REST API and other additional improvements and fixes.

Let’s take a look at the main highlights of the release:

Introducing the Worklog Calendar

At Tempo, we value our customer feedback and always aim to provide solutions for challenges that we and our customers face. In a recent survey we distributed to thousands of customers, we received great feedback — here’s a few of the respondents’ answers:

"We would like a lighter-weight, faster method of time entry for staff. They don't love doing timesheets (no one does!) so anything that makes it easier for them is a win"

"We want to reduce the amount of things a developer has to push on to log their work"

“Please make an "Express' method to input time onto a timesheet. Most of our departments just need to fill out a timesheet i.e. 8 hours a day, distributed between projects. It would be nice of the Log Work dialog didn't appear each time we click on a cell in the timesheet view.”

We received a number of requests from customers who are asking for even simpler ways to log their work. With this feedback in hand, our aim was to create an even more efficient way for users to log time seamlessly in JIRA, which lead us to the design of the new Worklog Calendar feature.

We strongly encourage users to try out this new feature, which is intended to make logging work even less tedious. We’ve included a feedback button on the Worklog Calendar page, and encourage you to leave your comments and input so we can improve and evolve this feature even further. Please note however that this release is only the first iteration of the Worklog Calendar which will continue to evolve gradually and improve over the upcoming months.

Worklog Calendar

The Worklog Calendar is a new 3-day view of the user timesheet in Tempo. With this calendar view, we’ve enabled users to quickly log their work on JIRA issues by dragging and dropping work items directly onto the calendar canvas.

The calendar canvas is to the left, which displays a 3-day view of how you’ve logged your time: today, yesterday, and the day before. To the right of the canvas are suggestion cards, which can be dragged directly onto the calendar canvas to log your work.


The new Tempo Timesheets Worklog Calendar

More on Tempo's Suggestion Cards

Tempo’s new Suggestion Cards will automatically display to the right of the Worklog Calendar canvas to help users both remember and quickly access the most recent tasks they’ve been working on and ultimately suggest to the user what issues they should log their work on.

The cards can easily be moved to a date on the calendar canvas by using the drag-and-drop method. Dropping a Suggestion Card onto the calendar canvas will open a Log Work Form and allow user to log their work.

The Worklog calendar has four suggestion sections to choose from. These sections show JIRA issues from predefined JQL searches. The following suggestion types are:

  1. Assigned to me on these days - Issues assigned to the current user on the selected dates.
  2. Recently Viewed Issues - Issues that current user has viewed recently.
  3. Watched Issues - Issues that current user is watching.
  4. Internal Issues - Internal Issues if configured on the JIRA instance and the current user has the browse permission on the project.


Suggestion Cards in the Worklog Calendar

Calendar Canvas

The default view in the Calendar Canvas is the current date and the last two days. Users can, however, navigate between days by clicking the navigation arrow buttons.

If a user navigates back a few days, then the Suggestion Cards will change according to the dates selected. Clicking the Today button will take you back to today’s date.

If worklogs have been created in the Worklog Calendar, they will be displayed as Worklog Cards on the canvas.

You can easily edit and delete the worklog cards in the canvas by clicking on them. Users can also shorten or extend the time worked on a JIRA issue by clicking on the bottom of the worklog card and dragging it up and down.

new-worklog-in-canvas (1)

Date Navigation in Calendar Canvas

Log Work Form

The Log Work Form is displayed either by clicking on an empty spot on the calendar canvas, or by dragging a suggestion on to the canvas. The form has three simple fields to be entered:

  1. Worked - How many hours/minutes are worked.
  2. Remaining - The remaining estimate is displayed on the issue.
  3. Description - The worklog description.

The Log Work form supports Tempo's Worklog Attributes; if Worklog Attributes have been configured in Tempo, they will appear in the Log Work Form and users will be able to select them.  There are different types of Worklog Attributes that can be configured. In the screenshot below, the types included are Design, Code, Testing, and Documentation. They can also be able to associate work items with a specific account in Tempo Timesheets, if needed, and to distinguish billable from non-billable work as well.

Finally, a progress bar displays above each day, showing logged work versus required work according to the workload and holiday schemes that they have been assigned to in Tempo.


Log Work Form used in the Worklog Calendar

New Worklog REST API for Worklog Calendar

A new worklog REST API has been created to support the Worklog Calendar. Please note, however, that this API is still in an introductory phase and will continue to be developed. Read more about the new Worklog Rest API here.

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Tempo Timesheets integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Planner,  and Tempo Budgets add-on for enhanced planning, financial, and portfolio management.

We’re constantly striving to improve Tempo Timesheets with each release. Please keep your feedback coming so we can make it even better!

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Timesheets for JIRA download or JIRA OnDemand through the Atlassian Marketplace.


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