Tempo Planner: Managing Programs with Program Capacity Report (Part 3)

tempo planner program capacity report

Did you know that with Tempo Planner for JIRA team leads can perform high-level team planning within a program and track progress across multiple teams to improve their overall performance? Get a great overview of how your teams are progressing in real-time with program planning. Here’s how:

Using the program capacity report

A program is described as a team of teams that offers a higher-level overview of how a project is progressing and the capacity of the teams within the program. The program timelines give managers, teams, and team leads the ability to view and plan across teams.

To access the program planning in Tempo Planner click the Tempo menu and select Program Planning.


We’re now in the program planning space and see the default view, the program board. By clicking the Capacity Report button in the top-right corner, we are given access to the program capacity report.


Program Capacity Report

The Program Capacity Report essentially shows statistics for the selected program on how much work has been planned for team members and teams within the program.

The report shows how much work has been planned for individual team member. The report also calculates how much time has been planned for a whole team within a program for a specific period of time. These capacity calculations are based on how much has been planned for a team member or an entire team on the Team Members Timeline.

As a manager, it’s really helpful to have a clear overview of how your teams within the program are being utilized. React to that and make sure that your teams are working to their fullest potential and maximizing their efforts.

The Program Capacity Report offers three different ways to view the report: % Planned, Time Available, and by Effective Team Size.

First there is the % Planned, which shows how much time has been planned on a team member within a team within a program.

This gives you information about how much of the available time has been planned for each member of all teams in the currently selected program. The last rows of each team table summarizes the total planned time for the team. Periods where users are over-allocated are highlighted in orange.

pc-plannedThe Time Available shows how much time teams and team members have available for a specific period in the currently selected program. The last row of each team table summarizes the available time for the whole team, so you can view how many hours an individual team member has available and how much time the team in general has available.


The third and final option is the Effective Team Size, which shows you the team members within the program and how much time they have available within the their teams.
The Effective Team Size essentially shows the commitment of each member for the currently selected team. The last row shows the effective team size during each section of the selected period.


All of these different reports can be viewed by period setting by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly.


And that’s how you can manage multiple teams on a program level using the program capacity report! Make sure you’re fully utilizing your Tempo instance and stay tuned to our blog for more neat tips and tricks on using our Tempo suite of add-ons for Atlassian’s JIRA.



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