Tempo Planner Tip: Managing Programs with Program Board (Part 1)

Did you know that with Tempo Planner for JIRA team leads can perform high-level team planning within a program and track progress across multiple teams to improve their overall performance? Get a great overview of how your teams are progressing in real-time with program planning. Here’s how:

What is Program Planning?

Not everyone is familiar with what program planning is, so here’s a short definition. Program planning is the process of managing several projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance.

program table-03
Harnessing related planning information into one centralized place can be difficult. With the program management features in Tempo Planner, this process is considerably simplified. Program management is intended to help ease the difficulties that many businesses face when centralizing all program-related information.

Using the program board

To access program planning in Tempo Planner, you need to click the Tempo menu and select Program Planning.


From here we’ve accessed the program planning space and see the default view, the program board.

On the left navigation side of the program board we see all of the epics available for the teams within the program. On the right side we see all of the individual teams within the program, their epics, and their team members.


The program board gives us an overview of the GreenCloud Product Development program. Within the program we have three teams: GreenCloud Wikkieea, GreenCloud Tango, and GreenCloud Azome. This view is highly beneficial for team leads or program managers, who wish to get a birds-eye view of the status of their teams on a higher level.

The board consists of three swimlanes: To Do, In Progress, and Done. At a glance we see which epics are next in line to be worked on, which epics are being worked on currently, and which epics are done. The team lead can manage epics and assign them to the teams as needed from the backlog on the left-side. To assign an epic to a team, simply drag-and-drop it from the left navigation side to a swimlane in the desired team section of the board.


By clicking on an epic we are presented with a sidebar on the right side, showing all of the issues that are associated with that specific epic, how many hours have been spent on the issues, and how many are estimated to still be spent.


The program board also shows an estimate in story points or hours for an item and visual indicators of whether the epic is at risk of going over budget or is already over the allocated budget. Having the ability to identify risks and over-allocation as soon as possible, allows you to immediately react to them before they escalate out of hand.

And that’s how you can manage multiple teams on a program level using the program board! Make sure you’re fully utilizing your Tempo instance and stay tuned to our blog for more neat tips and tricks on using our Tempo suite of add-ons for Atlassian’s JIRA.

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