Tempo Planner Tip: Coordinate Team Effort With Program Timelines

With the new Program Projects Timeline in Tempo Planner for JIRA, you can view all the projects within a given program and see their scheduled version releases on a timeline. This is an invaluable overview, for example, for companies with multiple teams working on different product releases simultaneously but with shared resources.

This is the case with the Tempo development team, where we have multiple teams working independently on different projects, while, for instance, the QA and Support team and the Marketing team support all teams. This means that scheduled releases need to take the availability of those shared resources into account.

In the case of Tempo Planner, a staggered release schedule across teams is necessary to avoid overburdening our QA and Marketing teams and avoid clashes. The Program Projects Timeline shows you at a glance the release schedule across all your projects and lets you plan and modify the version release schedule by clicking and dragging on the timeline.

The Program Teams Timeline further compliments this view by showing you the planned timeboxed iteration for each team and the estimated hours for each iteration.

Let’s have a closer look at Tempo Planner’s new Program Timelines.

Accessing the Program Timelines

The Program Timeline gives Managers and Team Leads an important release overview across teams. Those with the Plan Time Permission are able to plan for their teams and team members on the program timeline and anyone with the basic Browse Team permission is able to view the Program timelines.

Program board in Tempo Planner for Atlassian's JIRA

To access the Program Timelines, you start by pressing the Tempo drop-down menu and selecting Tempo Planner. Team Leads will be taken to their team’s backlog, but Program Leads will be taken to the Program Board for the program they lead. These starting points are determined by the user’s permission.

Team Leads can take the additional step of pressing the program name above the name of their Team should they wish to access the Program Board view.

Once you are in the Program Board, you select the Timeline tab on the far right to view the Program Timelines.

Program Projects Timeline

Program Projects Timeline in Tempo Planner for Atlassian's JIRA

Start by selecting the Projects tab on the far left. With the Program Projects Timeline, you can view all the projects within that Program in a vertical row to the left of the timeline. On the timeline you can view the scheduled version releases for each project as blue boxes which also display the start and end dates for the version. By clicking the arrow in the top right corner of each box you can edit the existing versions to modify the start and end dates, name, or description of the version. By clicking the timeline you can create new versions for projects.

Projects in the projects column can be expanded by pressing the drop-down arrow by the project name - this will display the list of epics within the projects.

The due dates for epics will display on the timeline as small green boxes. If no due date is specified for the epic, then it will be assumed that the date corresponds to the planned version release date. Sometimes epics will be planned to be concluded before the version release date and foreseeing a delay there can help you prevent a domino effect should other epics rely on the completion of that epic.

Expanded epics in Program Projects Timeline in Tempo Planner for Atlassian's JIRA

The same can be said for the coordination of the project versions. You may, for example, have several projects representing different facets of a single end product or which are tied to the same client. By viewing the release schedule in the Program Projects Timeline, you can view those projects side-by-side and relay program status to the client.

Program Teams Timeline

Program Teams Timeline in Tempo Planner for Atlassian's JIRA

In the Program Teams Timeline view, you can view planned iterations for all teams within the program. The Teams Timeline can be viewed by month, week, or days and clicking on the timeline enables you to create new Iterations, link them to Projects, and set the start and end dates.

With the Program Teams Timeline, you can view and address possible planning conflicts with upcoming iterations, as several teams may be involved in a single project. There you can see the scheduled start and end dates for the timeboxed activity of all teams in a single view and better coordinate your team efforts.

The possible interdependencies between projects and teams are numerous and the program timelines allow you to view the timeboxed activity and adapt to obstacles or conflicts that may arise.

Tempo Planner Resource Planning Guide

The Tempo Suite of Solutions

Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Books add-on for enhanced time tracking, planning, budgeting, and portfolio management.

Upgrading Tempo Planner is free for all customers with an active license. New customers can purchase or evaluate Tempo Planner for JIRA Server through the Atlassian Marketplace.


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