Tempo Planner 3.2: New Project Colors & Improved Team Timelines

We’re incredibly proud to announce the release of Tempo Planner 3.2 for JIRA. In  this version, we’re introducing new  project colors, some majors improvements to the team timelines, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at everything that this release has to offer:

Introducing custom project colors to maintain better focus

Planning on Tempo Planner’s team timelines will now display project colors to help you focus by easily distinguishing your team’s project plans, enabling team members to easily identify priorities. The project colors are visible from the team timeline, the team board, and the planning sidebar.

image00The team members timeline displaying the new project colors

For those wisely using both Tempo Planner and Tempo Timesheets together can rest assured that the project plan colors are compatible with both products. Project colors can be configured through Tempo’s global configuration and will display in both products. This means that if a plan in Tempo Planner has a custom project color, it will also be reflected in Tempo Timesheets Worklog Calendar and timesheets views as well.

Configuring  project colors

Configuring project colors is simple. Click the administration icon and select the project that  you would like to customize. In the left sidebar, you’ll find a Tempo link that allows you to select a custom color or a hex color to distinguish JIRA projects from one another.


Improvements to the team timelines for easier planning

In this release, we’ve included a number of improvements to our timeline. Our aim is to make the planning experience even smoother and reduce any pain points. Here are the improvements we’ve made to the team timelines.

New design for the team timelines

The new design ultimately gives teams smoother and faster planning. Tempo Planner’s  planning sidebar has gone through a makeover. We’ve made major improvements to our team members and projects timeline. The team timeline canvas, the date and week section, and plan items on the timelines have had all gone through UI improvements.


The improved team members timeline

Filter team members by roles on the team members timeline

View the team members timeline according to your needs. Filter your team member timeline based on team member roles to gain an easier and simpler overview of your team.


Right-click now possible to delete or edit plans

To edit plans in previous Tempo Planner versions, users had to navigate to the top-right corner of a plan item and click on an arrow there to edit or delete a plan. This proved painful for customers who had long plans spanning across multiple days. We’ve fixed that by implementing a much easier way to edit; now, simply right-click a plan and select delete or edit a plan item from the drop-down list.


A plan being edited on the team members timeline

Recurrent planning

We’ve moved the capability to plan for recurring plans from the classic timeline over to the team members timeline. Most teams  have issues that need to be addressed on a regular basis. This way, team leads can schedule them ahead of time. Choose from four different possibilities of recurrence: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

recurrent planning

Recurring plan-item

Avatars added to the sidebar

Assigned issues in the timeline sidebar now display avatar assignees on the issues in the planning sidebar so team members can clearly view which issues have been assigned to team members, and keep everyone in sync and on track.


The planning sidebar with avatars

Create plan dialog and plan details have been moved to the sidebar

The create plan dialog has been moved to the sidebar as not to block the planning view for the user. By doing, this we aimed to  enable users to see more of the timeline while planning. View all plan details and easily edit them on the fly.


Create plan dialog

Phasing out Tempo Planner’s Classic Timeline

To improve Tempo Planner’s overall performance and simplify the product  generally, we’re phasing out the Classic Timeline in JIRA Server. But don't worry! We've ensured that all capabilities in the classic timeline are now available in the new and improved team timeline.

Tempo Folio integration -- manage scope, schedule, and costs seamlessly in JIRA

We’d also like to let you know about our latest 10.0 release of our project and portfolio financial management add-on for JIRA, Tempo Folio (or, as we refer to it, Tempo Folio X), which now integrates into Tempo Planner, so you can plan on issues within your folios to better plan and manage your projects in JIRA. You can read more about that here. Add our time tracking and reporting add-on, Tempo Timesheets, and round out JIRA with mission-critical solutions that help your project teams get things done on time and within budget.

Tempo Planner Resource Planning Guide


Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Cost Tracker, and Tempo Budgets add-on for enhanced time tracking and reporting, financial, and portfolio management. With Tempo, you can customize our solutions to align with your specific organizational needs.

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