Tempo Customer Service Teams: How Can We Help You?


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Have you met our new Tempo customer service team? They are here for you; partners, customers, and potential and future customers. As the saying goes, “We only get one chance to make a first impression.” So, let’s make it a good one.

Be committed to excellence.

One of Tempo's core values is “be committed to excellence,” meaning that customer satisfaction should always come first. We’re not looking to simply implement a new feature set, we’re looking to do something magical for our customers by wow’ing their overall experience with our products and services. Understanding and doing best what matters most to the customer is what our customer service teams work towards.

Let’s get to know our customer service team a little better.



Customers Deserve to Be as Successful, Profitable, and Productive as Possible

In the same way as Tempo has grown and evolved over time, our customers evolve and their needs change. The Customer Success Managers (CSM team) have the responsibility to enhance the experience for our customers and help them be more successful as could-be with our products. They are here to help with onboarding, renewals or extension to a bigger user tier, so you can easily scale Tempo across multiple projects, teams, and locations. For the CSM team, the customers desired outcome is important and whether the products are meeting customer needs and making them happy. The process involves trust, which is the foundation of any good relationship, as the CSM team can explore further into the operation, suggest best practices, and ensure that customers are being as productive as possible. If you have any questions regarding product features, license renewals or upgrades, training materials for your team, tailoring Tempo to suit your organization's needs for more value inside your JIRA, the CSM team is here for you.

Product Demonstration and Specialized Form of Customer Service

The role of a Customer Advocate is focusing on what solutions are best for you, as a new customer, or a current customer wanting to try other Tempo solutions. If you want a demo of Tempo products, have any question about features, or need any technical training, the Customer Advocates are here for you. In addition, our Customer Advocates are Atlassian Experts and responsible for training, demoing JIRA and Tempo, answering technical questions regarding JIRA, and managing Tempo’s global partner network.

First and Second Level Technical Support

The technical support team helps with troubleshooting, first-hand service, and solving specific problems regarding Tempo products and triages requests and questions to where they belong i.e. to Customer Success Managers, Customer Advocates, or Product Management. First level support handles all assistance with software configuration and frequently asked questions. Second level support is responsible for reporting and registering technical product issues. As can happen with software development, bugs and product malfunction can happen. Every bug is reported and channeled to a relevant team; Product Management or QA.



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