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Videos: Getting Started with Tempo Planner

TEMPO_PlannerIn an effort to make life easier for new users and evaluators of Tempo Planner, we've created a series of tutorial videos which go step by step through the process of getting started with Tempo Planner. The getting started theme is the first theme of many we'll be creating for Tempo Planner and our other Tempo suite of add-ons for JIRA in the future. Stay tuned here on our blog for the latest information on tutorial videos, releases, or other neat tips and tricks.

Here below you can see our getting started theme which consists of nine short videos. To view the getting started video playlist click on the video or select a desired link below it.


Getting Started with Tempo Planner:

  1. Creating a team
  2. Configuring basic team information
  3. Adding team members
  4. Defining a working week
  5. Specifying public holidays
  6. Giving permission to perform team actions
  7. Linking JIRA projects and JIRA Agile boards to the team
  8. Grouping teams together, as a program
  9. Adding the Team field to JIRA screens

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