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Today, Tempo proudly announces the first release of Tempo Books for JIRA, a modern and flexible billing tool on top of Atlassian's JIRA. While you are hard at work, Tempo Books is converting hours logged for each issue in JIRA into value, giving you the edge for more efficient customer billing and budget tracking for each account.

Tempo Books integrates directly with JIRA – the project and issue management software platform used by more than 40,000 customers worldwide – as well as JIRA Agile and other Tempo add-ons, including our award winning Tempo Timesheets, voted #1 Atlassian Marketplace add-on of 2012, and Tempo Planner voted top-grossing new Atlassian Marketplace add-on of 2014.

We've been pretty busy this year, doubling our product offerings by adding Tempo Books and Tempo Budgets to our suite of agile solutions for JIRA. Our customers have been asking for a professional services solution in addition to our time tracking solution, Tempo Timesheets, where price rates can be mapped to hours logged in JIRA. With Tempo Books, we took it a step further by also offering a great solution on a team level and for account budgeting. Executives, managers and team leads can monitor team utilization and how work logged by team members is distributed between different account category types. Get clear summaries of how your team members are contributing to overall customer profitability.

Tempo Books lets you budget, allocate, prioritize, and manage resources across your teams and accounts. Just click the Budget tab in Tempo's accounts and track progress with relevant real-time data. Tempo Books can be used alone or in tandem with other Tempo products.

Tempo Books' Features

  • Pricing table lets you translate your team worklogs into value
  • Utilization reports help you manage teams and financial performance
  • Specific utilization targets
  • Budget tracking helps you manage customer, account, or project performance
  • Accounts and customer views
  • An API for boundless opportunities

Tempo Books is available now for a 30-day free trial for JIRA Server. Pricing starts at $100 and all license tiers come with 12 months of full software maintenance (purchasing additional maintenance and support after that is entirely optional) - including all updates and online support.


Set Prices for Team Roles

Tempo Books gives you confidence based on reliable, real-time data.

  • Set hourly prices across your teams and track billable hours
  • Get the big picture for informed decision-making and achieve desired results
  • Manage the status of non-billable worklogs by setting a default rate for roles that usually don't do consulting for client projects
  • Real-time information and what-if scenarios help you confidently plan for the future


Time Is Money; Monitor Your Team's Performance and Utilization

For the utilization report, Tempo Books depicts how work logged by team members is distributed between different account category types.


  • Define your utilization target per team and monitor the progress for each account category type
  • Pivot the team utilization view to oversee the progress for each of your team members
  • Manage your team efforts in real-time, stay lean and reach your targets
  • Set your targets and track your teams’ performance, both by hours and % ratios

Easily Track Your Account Budgets and Expenses

See how your accounts are performing visually by tracking the hours and amounts logged for each issue type per team role.

  • Real-time, relevant data and reporting helps you track overall progress
  • Set up prices for each team role and record the amount logged for each account
  • Set your account's budget and see whether you're over or under budget
  • Track each day with a pop-up window that displays amounts for each team role with just a mouse hover




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