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Embracing Equality and Diversity: A Student Visit From Tech Girls at Reykjavik University

Increasing awareness about the lack of women in tech and diversity in the industry in general, has always been an important issue for Tempo. With the Women of Tempo initiative, we want to contribute to the overall discussion about women in technology and by that make it our mission to foster and encourage diversity since it helps us challenge our assumptions and expectations, gain progress, and grow, both personally and professionally.

Many women start studying Computer Science, but a big part of those women drop out and don’t graduate. But why? That’s the answer we’re all looking for.

To help with this baffling issue, we invited women studying Computer Science at Reykjavik University (RU) over for a visit at Tempo HQ in Reykjavik. The association is called RU /sys/tur (e. RU Sisters) and was founded in 2013 by a few female Computer Science students at the same university. This sisterhood is extremely important to the students as it both strengthens them and increases their confidence on the technical side.

According to them, the reason why so many girls quit studying Computer Science, or don’t want to join the program at all, is lack of female role models in the industry. That’s why their main goal is to summon together the women that have chosen this path in life and get successful women in the tech industry to give talks about their profession and experience, both to keep them motivated and aware of the route and possibilities that the tech industry has to offer. As they explain themselves:

With a support network like /sys/tur, we can bring this small group together and prevent tech girls from getting lost in the ocean of men.


We at Tempo were inspired by these eager minds and invited them over for a short presentation, a chat, and some refreshments on a Thursday evening in October. About 30 tech girls joined us and they were very interested in Tempo, both the products and Tempo as a workplace that embraces equality and diversity. We got our own women to speak to them, as well as former RU students who came to work with us following their studies, and told the girls how their degree and the university courses helped and benefited them when out in the working world.

The ladies were also introduced to our summer intern program and we encouraged them to apply for next summer. Getting a placement as a summer intern at Tempo highly increases the probability of getting a permanent position with us after graduation, or part-time while studying.

We were so thrilled to get to meet the future of tech and share our knowledge and advice, and were hopefully able to inspire these young spirits to continue the journey they started. We’ve also got a feeling that we’ll be seeing some of these faces at the office next summer or in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

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