An Easy Way to Use Tempo Teams for Creating Team-Centric Agile Boards for JIRA and Tempo Planner

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Whether it’s with or without agile. Whether you’re using Scrum or kanban. Whether your teams are distributed or centralized. The Tempo Teams space helps bring team members and teams together in JIRA and JIRA Agile.

The Tempo Teams space is a central hub for all team members to enable effective collaboration and nurturing a team knowledge base to help teams achieve common objectives, tied to metrics and mutually available resources. With the Tempo Teams space you can optimize your teams through effective team management.


Tempo Teams is a library plugin and a required module that works behind the scenes and affects all Tempo products, giving increased value to both JIRA and Tempo Planner. The Tempo Teams custom field for JIRA enables you to assign issues to teams.

Here, we will demonstrate a handy method for users of Tempo Planner and JIRA Agile who wish to to build agile boards, built solely on the team field and only displaying issues on that field.


Here we have an incredibly easy way to define issues for a team in a few easy steps. Instead of having to craft specific filters and tailor them to your team, you can simply generate a team filter and create a board from that filter for the team to plan with. This demonstration takes you from zero to lightspeed planning in no time.

  1. First, you enter JIRA basic search and limit the search criteria to TeamFilter search criteria in JIRA by teams
  2. You then select the team you wish to display in the search results from the Team dropdown menu. For this demonstration, we are looking at GreenCloud Wikkkieea.team_fields_tip_feb_02
  3. Save this search filter and give it a team-specific title and press Submit.Saving team filter in JIRA
  4. Then select Manage Boards from the JIRA Agile dropdown menu to create a new board from the search filter.Access Manage boards in Agile
  5. After selecting Create board you select the type of agile board you need. Here we select a kanban boardSelect the type of agile board from create board
  6. Select Board from an existing saved filter and press NextSelect board based on previously created filter
  7. Give your agile board a title and choose the team filter you created earlier.Select the filter from the dropdown menu and name the board
  8. You have now created a team-centric kanban board for your team.New kanban board has been created
  9. To link your new agile board to your team you enter the Tempo Teams Space by selecting the team from the Tempo dropdown menu.Select your team from the Tempo menu
  10. In the Tempo Teams Space you select Configuration.Select Configuration from the Team Space for Wikkkieea
  11. After selecting Links you can select your board from the dropdown menu.Select Links from Configuration and choose the team from the dropdown
  12. After successfully linking the board to the team you are free to start your planning with Tempo Planner. Press the Planning button to access the Tempo Planner timeline.Go to Planner timeline
  13. The new agile board should be automatically selected from the dropdown menu in the work item sidebar.Select team from timeline sidebar
  14. You can now, for example, drag a team epic to the timeline and plan the work ahead. You’re off and running with Tempo Planner!Dragging plan item to Tempo Planner timeline

There we have it. Tempo Planner making easy team-centric planning work for you.


The Tempo Suite of Solutions

Tempo Planner integrates with other Tempo solutions, including Tempo Timesheets and the upcoming Tempo Books add-on for enhanced time tracking, planning, budgeting, and portfolio management.

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