How Kreatif Uses Tempo Folio with Tempo Timesheets to Stay on Budget and Better Estimate Delivery Dates


Kreatif AS is a small company providing web development services. They also have their own CMS (Content Management System) and are constantly developing new features. We got a chance to speak with the Project Manager Toni Delgado, who oversees all tasks and projects, including time spent on projects and budget.

Kreatif works in agile project management and is currently using Tempo Budgets and Tempo Timesheets in combination with JIRA Agile for their project management needs. Tempo Folio is used primarily by their project manager, while all team members are logging their daily work with Tempo Timesheets.  


Before implementing Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets, Toni was relying on Excel spreadsheets to keep track of expenses and budget. Tracking all expenses and costs with many different Excel sheets can be a hassle and inefficient. He needed a simpler way to get an overview of work done and hours spent on a project, as well as to be able to simply combine that data with the revenue, in order to stay on top of their budget.


As a project manager, Toni identifies one of the main benefits of implementing Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets as giving him greater control of the production process. He says it has also helped the company structure the products and the teams, assisted the sales team to properly define their pricing, and deliver their work to their customers on time.

All team members are now logging their time with Tempo Timesheets on a daily basis, so that all work performed on a project is readily accessible at any given time, providing him with a good overview of all hours spent. When combined with all revenues, it keeps them on track and within their budget.

Tempo Folio helps Toni keep track of revenues and costs on a larger scale and helps him, as a project manager, have his team focusing on the correct issues. Tracking hours spent on work during the week with Tempo Timesheets helps him and his team explain how they have used their time and how many hour are spent on a particular task. This has improved employee satisfaction, as each person has more control of their own time spent on a task within a project. It helps the team understand why and when they have to be more focused on specific tasks and projects. Tracking time has also helped the company directly save costs by providing the truth about how much time a project and the tasks associated with it really takes, which has forced them to adjust their hourly rates as needed.

By combining JIRA Agile with Tempo Folio and Tempo Timesheets, Kreatif has better control of time used on tasks and projects. They use their historical data from previous projects to better anticipate the cost and time needed for new projects and are becoming more effective every month based on previous projects. It is easier for them to estimate a delivery date and, more and more often, they are able to deliver on the promised date, making their customers happy.  

Toni finds that many of these benefits are the result of using the two products together. By connecting his teams, folios (projects), and user timesheets, he is able to control the health of any given project and he gets a heads up if there are red numbers ahead.


The features they find most useful are Revenues and Cost reports that Tempo Folio offers, because they give them an early heads up on project revenues compared to costs. It also provides greater control of their resources, including how much time is still available on different projects.


“By combining Tempo Folio with Tempo Timesheets, you get an even more detailed and accurate overview of all revenues and costs. It gives you better control of time spent on a task and, at the same time, more control the overall cost.” Toni Delgado, Project Manager at Kreatif AS

According to Toni, Tempo Folio is a robust and easy to use software that gives businesses  a very good overview of both costs and revenues, and a greater overview of time spent on a task or project.

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