How Does Calamari Leave Talk with Tempo Planner for JIRA?

calamari leave and tempo planner

This is a guest post by Kamil Wojewoda from CHROBRUS, a Polish startup that recently launched an add-on via the Atlassian Marketplace called Calamari Leave, which integrates with our Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA.

This article has been archived. The Calamari Leave Connector is no longer available.

Calamari Leave is an online leave management system for SMB organizations. Calamari Leave gives you an easy interface to track and manage absence requests and entitlements for all absence types needed within your company. With Calamari, we're focused on providing solutions to all problems of absence management and integration with other systems by enabling users to transfer all important data to the places you need to see it.

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As you know, Tempo Planner allows users to allocate time to be worked on specific projects and work items. Thanks to Tempo Planner managers and team leaders can easily plan and track team resources and capacity for their projects, Tempo being a powerful tool for new product development to measure and match the efficiency of your work. One of the most important factors during the planning process is holiday planning of your team members. When a manager starts to allocate their team members’ time to projects, knowing about any leave requests and sickness notifications is important; otherwise they may miss attendance gaps and place project deadlines in danger.


Thanks to Calamari’s Tempo Connector, all information about employee leaves and sick time automatically appears in Tempo Planner just few seconds after an employee requests or registers their absence. Team leaders no longer need to check other systems to find information about the capacity of their team, as this information is automatically registered within Tempo Planner.


All human resources-related information, such as:

  • absence type
  • sickness
  • employee data
  • entitlement information
  • yearly renewal

are processed in Calamari and to Tempo Planner goes data important for “Project Planners”.

Calamari is system for HR departments where they can store and manage all important to them data. Each time an employee requests time off, then the information about his absence (when request has been approved or optionally if it’s only planned) goes via API to Tempo Planner and allocate the amount of time for project “Time Off” on the specific JIRA user based on email address. You can always simply turn on and off this synchronization in Calamari Leave configuration panel.




To use Calamari Tempo Connector you need to do 3 simple steps:

  • Sign up to Calamari Leave
  • Download and install Calamari Tempo Connector on your JIRA instance
  • Configure new JIRA project for absences and generate API key to connect to your JIRA.

After going through this simple configuration you’ll be up to date with all absence information in Tempo Planner.

Feel free to try, after you discover Calamari you'll love it :)

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