Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: New Project Role to View Other Users

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At Tempo, we value our customer feedback and always aim to provide solutions for problems that we and our customers have faced. In the recent months we’ve been getting customer feedback asking for a specific project role in Tempo Timesheets, to able to view other users. In order to cater to our customers needs we’ve updated and clarified the previous Project Role to view other users, with Tempo Project Managers role which is used exclusively for viewing other users worklogs. This feature is especially useful for Project managers who want to make sure that their team is working on the right things and maximizing their efforts. Configuring this new role is really simple, here’s how:

The role is configured in the Administration for each JIRA Project and can be used in the Project, Issue and Agile Timesheets to control view of other users worklogs.

tempo-timesheets-project-role-user-in-tempo-project-managers-roleConfiguring this role is very simple, the first step is to log in to JIRA as a Project Administrator. Then choose the Projects option from the cog icon at the top right of the screen (Keyboard shortcut: g + g + start typing project). Next click on the project name from the project list. This will open it’s Administration section. In the Administration section you can choose the Roles screen from the left sidebar, where the role is configured and/or updated.


If the role is being configured for the first time, the Project Lead is added to it by default. However if the role has been configured previously (through the Tempo Global Configuration, in an older version of Tempo Timesheets), the users/groups are migrated to the role in each project.

Adding or updating Users/Groups for the role is easy, just hover over and click on the respective fields to set them in edit mode. Edit the role as needed and click the Update button at the end of the line to finish.

And that’s how the Tempo Project Managers role can be configured in order view other users worklogs. Make sure your team is on the right track and that everybody is working towards the same goals. Work Smarter with Tempo!

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