Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Planned Time Approvals

We’re constantly improving and adapting our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA for organizations of all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular of our recent features, and considered mission critical by many of our enterprise customers, is our Planned Time Approvals. With Planned Time Approvals, team members can nominate a reviewer (typically, their team lead and a user with Tempo’s Approve Timesheet permission), and submit a proposed time plan to be approved or rejected by that reviewer. Clear communication channels between team leads and other team members help prevent planning conflicts, ensuring teams are in sync and on the same page.
There’s no time like the present, so here’s how you can configure Tempo Timesheets’ Planned Time Approvals:

Enable the Planned Time Approvals

For this approval process to work, it first needs to be enabled in Tempo’s Global Configurations.

Start by clicking on the JIRA cog wheel in the top right corner of your instance, and select Add-ons. From there, scroll down to the Tempo section and select its Global Configurations.

Under Tempo’s Labs (Experimental Features), you’ll need to check the Plan Workflow box to enable the Planned Time Approvals.



Start the Planned Time Approval Process

Now, team members are free to plan time their time. To plan time their time, click the arrow next to the Log work button, and select the Plan Time button from the drop-down.


The Plan Time dialog will display. From here, team members can choose to plan their time on an Issue, Project, Version, or a Component.

In the Plan Time dialog, select the date(s) and number of hours to plan time for, along with a short optional description of your proposed planned time. You can select the Reviewer to review and approve your request. The text entered in the Description field will display in a message to the reviewer. Make sure to select the correct Reviewer in the bottom.


Once you’ve submitted your planned time request, the team lead will receive a notification in his or her Activity stream, and the particular background cell(s) for the team member will turn yellow, as a visual notification to the team lead when views his  or her team timesheet. Once the planned time request is approved, this background colour changes to green. Other statuses are shown in the table and screenshots below.



The team lead has the option of approving or rejecting the team member’s planned time request.


The team lead can opt to leave a comment when either approving or rejecting the planned time request (see images below).



That’s how the Planned Time Approvals work. Make sure you’re fully utilizing your Tempo instance! Get peace of Mind with Tempo Timesheets.

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