Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Importing Accounts using CSV files

Did you know that with the new and revamped Tempo Accounts we’ve created a brand new and easier way to import your accounts into Tempo Timesheets? Importing accounts from spreadsheets or external systems such as ERP or PPM tools is now a lot easier, allowing you to map fields between Tempo and your existing system. There are two ways in Tempo Timesheets to import CSV files: Import Custom CSV or Import Template CSV.

Here's how you can import your accounts using CSV files:

We start off by clicking the Tempo navigation and select more… under Accounts to access the full Accounts menu.


Then we click on the manage drop-down menu in the top right corner and from there we select Import / Export Accounts.


Now we have a few options: we can import an account with an CSV file exported from a spreadsheet, created in a text editor and so forth, or we can choose to import accounts with a standard downloaded template.

Importing Custom CSV

Select the Import Custom CSV button, which opens the import Accounts from CSV template dialog.ImportCustomCSV

From this point you Choose File button and browse for your *.csv file to import. Once the file has been chosen the Map attributes screen comes up.


This screen automatically suggest mapping of CSV fields to Account attributes, but each can be re-mapped by clicking on it’s drop-down menu to choose a different attribute.


Once all attributes are mapped correctly, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen, to open the Validation screen.


If by any chance some accounts are not valid, an appropriate error message is shown in the Validation column. Once errors have been fixed then the Import button can be clicked at the bottom of the screen.


And that’s it! Now we’ve imported Accounts into Tempo Timesheets via a custom CSV file. Finally we have the option to click Back to Import/Export button or View Accounts to open the Accounts Browser.

Importing Template CSV

Importing a Template CSV is done in a similar way. Again you enter the Import/Export Account menu and select the Import Template CSV button. However if you haven’t already got the Tempo Accounts template then you can download it through the link shown on the image below.


Here below you can see the default template opened in a spreadsheet. Here you can input or edit your Account data as you please.

Tempo-Accounts_imageOnce you are pleased with your Account data and are ready to import it into Tempo Accounts, you choose the Import Template CSV button.


Finally you click the Choose File button and browse for your *.csv file and click on the Import button.


If no errors are found in the uploaded file then the following screen will appear confirming that your Account import was successful.tempo-accounts-import-accounts-finish

And that’s how easy it is to import Accounts to Tempo Timesheets via custom CSV or using a CSV template.

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