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Did you know that in Tempo Timesheets you can display your timesheets to fit exactly to your needs? We will be showing you how to configure your timesheet to better fit your needs using the date navigation.

We start off by opening any Timesheet view (User, Project, Team, Account, Advanced, or Issue) and in the middle of the page, above the calendar, we can adjust the date navigation to view by Day, Week, Month, or a Custom period of your choosing. In order to do so you must click the Date Navigation button located in the upper half of the timesheet view. Simply hover over the dates above the timeline to reveal a button. In the image below we are viewing a User Timesheet by months.

User Timesheet by month

You can use the arrows on each side of the date navigation to move to the next (right arrow) or the previous (left arrow) Day, Week, Month, or Custom period.

Click on the date navigation to open the dialog and adjust which period to display.

dialog box with date time period displayed

At the top of the dialog are tabs to change between a Day, Week, Month, or a Custom period. Click on the Apply button to save changes or Cancel to close without saving.

Lets say we want to change our timesheet to make it only display the last two weeks that we’ve been working. Then we simply click the Custom link and then pick Last 14 days or select the period using the datepickers. See image below.

date picker with 'last 14 days' circled

Lets take a look at how these changes are reflected in our timesheet.

User timesheet view with date range changeWith the date navigation we enable our customer to tailor the timesheet view to their exact needs. The timesheet view is reflected on all fronts, whether you're viewing the Project, Account, Advanced, Team or User Timesheet. It displays in the same way but takes your date navigation settings into account.

Dropdown with choice of view: user, project, team, account, advanced or issue

Another useful way of using the date navigation is when you have to look up older worklogs. In the Month view, users can click on the Earlier link and move back to earlier periods in a much faster way than having to use the navigation arrows. See image below.
earlier view dropdown in date navigation

Just click the period you want to view and voilà!

That’s it! To learn more about Tempo Timesheets, get our guide:

The ultimate guide to Tempo Timesheets time tracking software

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