JIRA Agile users may sometimes find it necessary to get a full view of an individual epic and all of its constituents within Tempo Planner. Accessing this view enables product owners and scrum masters to view the total progress of an epic, a full list of the included issues, and a clear break-down of the logged hours and remaining estimate. Dependent on the permission of the user, this view may also be used to manage the epics by drag-and-dropping issues to chosen epics.

With the team backlog of Tempo Planner 2.0, we offer a simple, one-stop way for team leads to gain a vital project overview, for making enlightened planning decision and allocating team resources insightfully.


How to view the content of individual epics in the team backlog

1. Access the functions of Tempo Planner by clicking the planning tab

Tempo Planner project management solution for Atlassian's JIRA team overview

2. Open up the Team Backlog view by clicking the Backlog button on the right.

Tempo Planner project management solution for Atlassian's JIRA planner timeline

3. In the Team Backlog view you can collapse different columns horizontally and collapse the categories (Idea, To Do, In Progress, Done) vertically. Locate the epic you would like to inspect further in the Epics column and click the box to view the issues included in that epic.

Tempo Planner project management solution for Atlassian's JIRA Agile epics in Team Backlog

4. To the right of the Iteration column you will now see a precise breakdown of how this particular epic is progressing. In the panel header /progress bar, on the top right, you can get an exact breakdown of the amount of hours logged and remaining total estimate for this particular epic. This is also visualized as a percentile. In the center you will see the number, and percentage, of issues belonging to this epic which have been completed. Below the progress bar you get a list of all the issues, including those in the backlog. On the right hand side of each issue you see which Version they are connected to and the remaining estimate for each issue.

Tempo Planner project management solution for Atlassian's JIRA Agile Epic progress view


There you have it - a handy way to determine project health and view the status of epics when working in an agile project development environment with Tempo Planner for JIRA.

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