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With the recent and upcoming enhancements to the Agile Timesheets and Reports functionality of our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA and JIRA Agile, Scrum teams can browse work and track time on epics, sprints, stories, and JIRA issues (tasks), and even glance at higher-level information regarding your team’s previous and current work.

Our Agile Timesheets provide a good way to manage all Tempo Timesheets worklogs associated with JIRA Agile epics and sprints. The Agile Timesheet can display worklogs from one or more (or all) epics, for both Scrum and Kanban boards. Scrum boards can also be refined down by sprints for easy reference. Agile Timesheets can also be viewed for JIRA issues and worklogs, allowing you to get the nitty gritty details.

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Other visible data on these timesheets include original estimated hours to be worked, the remaining estimated hours, and actual worked hours, allowing team leads to keep track of their teamwork in real-time and help plan for the future. Live links take you quickly back to your agile board or to your Tempo Teams page for more information about your Scrum team, team member capacity and commitment, and overall project data.


Our Agile Reports, beginning with our upcoming Tempo Timesheets 7.10 release and beyond, will enable team leads to manage the progress of team efforts based on a selected agile board, project, release, epic, or sprint, including:

  • Viewing the current status of estimated versus actual  team efforts
  • Determining the actual versus remaining efforts of each team member in the current sprints and epics
  • Quickly accessing estimated versus actual efforts for past sprints and epics
  • Reporting on the progress of each item in a release
  • Filtering teamwork reports by a specific time-frame
  • Visualizing the efforts and progress of an agile board in real-time
  • Grouping and filtering worklog information based on attributes and custom attributes
  • Filtering time spent on agile boards by project for overall project and program planning

Tempo’s recently added Agile Reports take timesheet reports one step further, enabling teams to better visualize graphically the distribution of team efforts based on selected criteria for both current and past work, helping team leads prioritize team work to better reach your goals. While our Tempo Planner add-on places particular emphasis on visualizing, grouping, and managing future work, these enhancements to Tempo Timesheets address current and past work grouping, filtering, and comparisons, solving a number of challenges faced by our JIRA Agile and Tempo Timesheets users.

Tempo Agile Report

A host of new time tracking data and reporting tools have been made available or will soon be released for our Tempo Timesheets add-on, allowing customers to pivot data and align your reports, alleviating your reliance on spreadsheets and other external tools. Manage your data in one centralized place, and gain peace of mind with Tempo’s solutions.

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