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Today, we’re excited to announce Tempo Planner for JIRA, a modern and flexible planning and management experience.

Wrapped in a simplified, intuitive user interface, Tempo Planner delivers agile capacity and resource planning, team and project management, and business data for teams so they can stay organized and get more done with less effort. Improve the productivity of your teams and the viability of your plans today.

Tempo Planner integrates directly with JIRA — the issue management software used by more than 22,000 teams worldwide — as well as JIRA Agile and other Tempo add-ons, including our award winning Tempo Timesheets time tracking and business intelligence add-on for JIRA, which was ranked in the Top 10 Atlassian Marketplace add-on by Atlassian in 2019.

We listen to our customers and seek their feedback every chance we get, and after hearing their stories, we set out to give them a powerful and flexible new solution that meets their planning and management needs better than ever.

With Tempo Planner, we’ve enhanced the powerful JIRA platform with deeper agile planning and management-specific capabilities such as:

  • High-level and granular planning
  • Agile capacity planning
  • Flexible team, project, portfolio, release, and long-term roadmap planning
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Powerful JIRA Agile and Tempo Timesheets integration
  • A customizable team space
  • Real-time snapshots

The result is a modern, flexible solution for your organization, users, and teams. You’ll galvanize your users, improve efficiency and organization, and drive business performance. Tempo Planner harnesses all the power of JIRA to even better enhance the efficiency and organization of your teams and projects. And it’s available right now on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Tempo Planner is available now for a 30-day free trial for JIRA download. Pricing starts at just $10 for 10 users.

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Unleash the power of your teams

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"In today's world of fast-paced product development, it is essential to connect the product roadmap with the product teams to understand capacity and capabilities. Tempo Planner will enable you manage your product teams and development directly in JIRA, freeing you from tedious and error prone spreadsheets and other ad-hoc tools." — Viðar Svansson, Tempo Product Manager

Tempo Planner helps keep everyone on the same page with a new team space that lets you:

  • Customize team structure, including members, roles, mission, and more
  • Designate and easily access team member commitments for planning
  • Link projects and agile boards to your teams
  • Improve the transparency and alignment of your teams with live updates

Create and plan based on your needs

Planner Timeline

"With Tempo Planner, we can accurately forecast the team capacity with ease, which allows us to make realistic commitments on upcoming development iterations." — Guðleifur Kristjánsson, Tempo Planner Team Lead

Relying on spreadsheets for your resource planning is a thing of the past. With Tempo Planner, you can:

  • Flexibly plan for and manage teams, projects, releases, epics and stories in releases, and division of work, including stories, tasks, sub-tasks, and other work items
  • Simulate what-if scenarios and view resources calculated in real-time
  • Quickly visualize team member plans and capacity using the Planner Timeline
  • Designate plans based on team member roles and special duties
  • Visualize when team members join and leave the team or have other work commitments
  • Designate recurring plan items to avoid omissions and error

Adapt as needs and plans change

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Knowing that needs and plans can quickly and often change, the app is designed to let you:

  • Quickly move plans between and among team members
  • Easily change schedules, scopes, and commitments
  • Split high-level plans for granular short-term plans

Connect your plans to JIRA Agile

JIRA Agile

Tempo Planner lets you easily plan for releases and sprints:

  • Compare your team capacity with your sprint backlog and fine-tune as needed
  • Assign Epics and Stories to your teams and designate plans for them
  • Navigate quickly from your Agile board to Tempo's Planner Timeline

Improve efficiency with real-time snapshots

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The things that get measured are the things that get done. With Tempo Planner, you can quickly assess performance and improve your team and project’s efficiency:

  • Get insights on team capacity with Tempo Planner’s Capacity Report, based on daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly plans
  • Assess team and project progress and identify bottlenecks in real-time
  • Ensure that your team is never over or under-planned
  • Find available time for future team member work
  • Track team size over time based on required or estimated needs

Enhance your business performance with Tempo Timesheets

Team Timesheet view

Tempo Planner integrates with Tempo Timesheets to provide agile time tracking, as well as deeper resource planning, project management, and business intelligence to your JIRA instances:

  • Track time on your planned epics in releases, stories, tasks, sub-tasks, and other work items for payroll, billing, or insights
  • Generate user, team, project, account, or issue-specific timesheets and reports to visualize and account for tracked and planned time
  • Chart planned and worked efforts across your organization using one of several user gadgets
  • Integrate with your external billing system for customer invoicing

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