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Our Tempo Planner add-on for JIRA is being developed at a rapid pace these days with a steady flow of exciting new updates and releases. At Tempo, we have implemented Agile methodologies throughout our product development, marketing, and operations teams, and are confident in the value added to our organization. With our recent releases of Tempo Planner, we’ve introduced new and improved features for program planning that even better facilitate these processes.

With Tempo Planner, a program consists of a group of teams that are associated with a certain project or Agile board within JIRA Agile. Program planning is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance. Until now, it has been difficult to harness all related planning information into one centralized place for efficiency and effective decision-making. With Tempo Planner’s new program planning features, this process is simplified considerably, facilitating an increase in transparency and performance for teams.

Team Leads can now perform high-level planning on their teams within a program. Tempo Planner’s program view is divided into two sections, the Program Backlog, and the Program Roadmap, to facilitate this process. Here’s how:

Program Backlog

Within Tempo Planner’s new Program Backlog Space, Team Leads can easily associate teams to specific projects within their organization. (In Tempo’s Team Space, teams can already be linked to projects and agile boards, providing quick access to all running projects within the program). This enables Team Leads to prioritize features, backlogs, and architectural epics at a higher program level before they are delegated to specific teams and team members. Tempo’s program management functionality is intended to ameliorate the difficulties that many businesses face in centralizing all program-related planning information.

Program Backlog

The Program Backlog consists of Epics and the associated teams with their backlog. The Program Backlog View allows users to see the prioritized backlogs for individual teams within the program. The Team Leads can manage work packages or epics for each team by dragging items from the Program backlog to the Team Backlog. Moving Epics to add them to one of the teams or to rank them within a backlog is simple. Epics can also be dragged-and-dropped between teams or back to the backlog. Team Member avatars display above each team backlog, as well as the team’s name, which is an active link to the team’s summary page for additional information.

Program Roadmap

Our Planner team has been diligently working on our Program Roadmap features, which help you match your short-term and long-term goals with solutions to help you meet those objectives. They also provide a mechanism to help you forecast future developments, and a framework with which you can visually plan and coordinate for those developments. With these new program roadmap features, teams can flexibly plan at a higher level in conjunction with how your development process is likely to evolve.

Tempo Planner’s Program Roadmap displays all anticipated releases in the program, and offers an easy mechanism to schedule these releases. All users gain an overview of the main deliverables for each release and the Epics and Issues contained within them.


The Program Roadmap displays Epics as a part of a JIRA Project Version on the Planner Timeline. The roadmap shows all JIRA Projects along with their Versions, which are linked to the teams that are part of the program. Each release can be expanded in the program roadmap to get an overview of the main deliverables in each release by viewing the Epics in the release. View the high-level detail about the each delivery, and manage start and release dates inline.

These new Program Planning features add a new perspective to Tempo Planner, helping team members stay on the same page and ultimately working towards the same set of objectives.

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