Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Keyboard Shortcuts

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We’re starting off the new year with a new feature on our blog, Tempo’s Tip of the Month, where we’ll feature neat how-to’s, tutorials, shortcuts and more for our products to help users master our tools (note “products” is plural — 2013 is going to be a big year, and we’ll be rolling out some exciting new development over the upcoming months — get ready!). Understanding the ins and outs of how a product works makes it more enjoyable and efficient to use. And hey, we’re here to help!

In our first post, we’re letting you in on some keyboard shortcuts in Tempo that you may not be aware of, and which may save you a bit of time and hassle. Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and easy way of navigating and performing fundamental actions without having to take your fingers off the keyboard.

There are a couple of important keyboard shortcuts in Tempo.

Plan Time Dialog

Users can not only log their work, but can also plan time on their JIRA issues in Tempo. This is a great feature for planning work on projects and activities, and also for internal, non-billable things like vacations, meetings, travel, and more.

Tempo User Plan Time Button

Users can plan time by clicking the Plan Time button shown above, which is located on every page in Tempo, to open the Plan Time dialog (users can also plan their time directly in their issue).


Alternately, Tempo's Plan Time dialog can be opened directly by using the shortcut key ‘p’.

Tempo Plan Time Dialog Approval Reviewer Required

Once the Plan Time dialog is opened, the dialog contains an orange header to differentiate it from the Log Work dialog. Users can plan time on JIRA issues, or propose planned time (e.g., vacation time) and submit it to their supervisor for approval, if Tempo’s Planning Approvals process has been enabled. Logging on internal activities is an option if it’s been added in the Tempo Internal Issues configuration page.

Log Work

Similar to the shortcut for the Plan Time dialog, the Log Work dialog also has a special shortcut key assigned to it.

Tempo Timesheet Log Work Button

The Log Work dialog is where users log their time on their JIRA issues in Tempo.

Tempo Log Work Dialog

Users can access this dialog several ways in Tempo — for instance, in the timesheets view, by clicking on the Log Work button or by clicking on a cell within the timesheet during a current period, as shown below.

Tempo User Timesheet Cell


Alternately, the Log Work dialog can be opened directly by using the shortcut key ‘t’ anywhere in Tempo. You just have to be within the scope of Tempo for the shortcut to work.

We hope you’ve found this useful!

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