Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Creating a Timesheet from a Filter

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Tempo’s User, Project, Team, and Account Timesheet views enable users to gain easy access to summaries of time that has been planned for and logged in Tempo. But some users need to view a refined timesheet based on a specific query, and don’t want the hassle of having to sort through various timesheets to view the data they need.

Enter Tempo’s Advanced Timesheets, which enable users to create timesheets based a selected filter. It’s easy.

Create a Tempo Timesheet based on a JIRA Filter

1. First, create a filter in JIRA

You can initially create a new filter by selecting Search for Issues under the Issues drop-down in the top Navigation list, which will take you to a JIRA search page. Here, you can search for filters, or write a search string in the search field.

Create a Filter in JIRA

Save your results as a new filter, and return to your timesheet view by clicking Advanced under the Tempo drop-down in the top Navigation list.

NB: Tempo JQL functions enhance the search functionality of JIRA by allowing users to base their search on Tempo data. In the above screenshot, the search string includes a search for the Account category "Development" associated with the Wikkiieea Cloud Project.

2. Generate a Tempo Timesheet from the filter

Once in the Advanced Timesheet view, you can write a search for the filter in the search field at the top of the page, and select an option from the matches. You can also click on the triangle next to the search box, which will show a list of recent filters used.

Click the Refresh icon to render the timesheet.

Advanced Timesheet Search Filter

The timesheet for the selected filter will then display. Data is displayed on issues with logged time within the designated period.

Tempo Advanced Timesheet View

You can also click the Report icon to view the Advanced Tempo Report associated with the custom timesheet you’ve just generated.

Tempo Advanced Report View

Create a Customized Timesheet Using Kanban

Customized timesheets can also be created in Tempo if using a Kanban in GreenHopper. Due to the flexible, ongoing nature of Kanban, it can be difficult to get a big picture overview of all time logged on Kanban issues within a given period. Tempo Timesheets can help you view time logged on a Kanban board within a selected period.

You can either create a Kanban board from a filter, and then create an Advanced Timesheet from that board, or alternately, you can create a filter from an existing Kanban board, and then generate a Tempo timesheet from that filter.

Here’s how:

1. Create a filter

Teams or users may wish to create a specific Kanban board for a particular Customer or Account, for instance. To do so, a filter must first be created for the specific search desired. Follow the steps in #1 above (“Create a Filter in JIRA”) using a Tempo-specific JQL search in the filter (for a particular Customer or Account, for instance).

2. Create a Kanban board from the filter

Once the desired filter has been created, it can be applied to generate a new Kanban board.

First, select Manage Boards under the Agile tab in Navigation list, then select Tools, and then Create Board.

Create a Kanban Board

Select the Advanced view, then select the filter, name the board, and click Create.

Add a Filter for New Kanban

Once you click Create, a configurable Kanban board will display. Now you’re visualizing your Timesheet.

New Kanban Board from Filter

3. Alternately, create a filter from an existing Kanban

To create an Advanced Timesheet from a Kanban board, go to Tools, then Configure. Copy the Filter Query.

Kanban Filter Query

Tempo Admins and those granted access by an Admin can see an Edit Filter link under the Filter Query. Click on this link, which will take you to the filter, where you can refine the search, if desired. GreenHopper will add a prefix to the Kanban board name (i.e., “Filter for...”).

Alternately, copy the Filter Query and select Search for Issues under the Issues tab in the top Navigation list, then click on the New Filter link on the top left of the page. Paste in the Filter Query, click search, and your results will show.

Create a Filter from Kanban Board

Click the Save it as a filter link under Operations on left navigation column, name your new filter, add a description, favorite it, share it, and click Save.

Add Kanban Filter Details

4. Generate an Advanced Tempo Timesheet

Select Advanced from the Navigation list under Tempo, and search for the filter in the search field at the top of the timesheet (or click the triangle in the search box to and select from a drop-down of recent filters used).

Advanced Timesheet from Kanban Filter

Click the Refresh icon to render the Advanced Timesheet.


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