Tempo Timesheets Tip Of The Month: Timesheet Approvals

Tempo Timesheets enable approval screenshot

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Did you know that with our Tempo Timesheets add-on for JIRA, Admins can enable features so users can send their worklogs to their supervisors for approval? This feature is customizable, so Admins can implement timesheet approvals among their teams on a weekly or monthly basis.

By enabling Tempo’s timesheet approvals, you can make sure that users are spending their valuable time on the right tasks, while ensuring that they’re entering their time for customer billing and/or payroll purposes. Enabling Tempo’s approvals process is easy; here’s how:

Enabling Timesheet Approvals

First, log in as a Tempo Admin and click the Administration icon in the top right corner of your JIRA instance. Then, select Add-ons from the drop-down list.


Next, locate and click on the Global Configuration link under the Tempo Timesheets section of your JIRA Administration. Under the Approval Processes and Accounting section, you’ll have the option to Enable timesheet approval process, and also to select weekly or monthly timesheet approvals.  Make sure to also check Enable Account Approval Process box, as shown below:

enable timeshee approvals


Get Approval

Now that you’ve enabled Tempo’s timesheet approvals process, the Get Approval button will automatically appear in your users’ timesheets. Tempo timesheets approval

When a user clicks the Get Approval button, the Get Approval dialog will open with their name and current workflow displaying required versus worked hours for the period. Users can select a reviewer to review and approve their timesheet. This feature is especially useful if a direct supervisor is out of office, and another is filling in for them. get_approval_dialog

Users can add a comment if they wish, which will display in their dashboard’s Activity stream (if enabled), as well as their selected reviewer’s dashboard.

Once a user selects the Get Approval button, their User Timesheet displays the workflow status, Waiting for Approval, near the Get Approval button, and the user has successfully submitted his timesheet for approval.

Tempo Timesheets waiting for approval


Approve Timesheet

Note: If both users have enabled the Email me default option for the Timesheet Actions in their User Preferences dialog, an email is sent for every timesheet approvals action.

Now the user’s selected reviewer (generally their Team Leader) can see that, when viewing the User Timesheet for their Team Member, the Get Approval button has changed to a drop-down called Workflow. From here, they have the option to Approve Timesheet or Reject Timesheet (or alternately, reject the timesheet requesting additional information from their Team Member in order for them to approve it). Timesheet approval

These Workflow actions can also be accessed for each Team Member from the Team Timesheet view in the Actions list, as shown below.

Tempo approving timesheet screenshot

By selecting Approve or Reject Timesheet, a new dialog will open up, enabling the Reviewer to add a comment, and then select the Approve or Reject button.approved

A Reviewer can also withdraw their approval by clicking on the Workflow button when viewing a User Timesheet, and then selecting to Reopen Timesheet.

Comments on Tempo Timesheets

The Reviewer can comment on why he or she is reopening the timesheet — for example, suggesting any modifications before it can be approved.  reopen timesheet screenshot

That’s it!  To delve into some of our other neat features, be sure to check out our other Tempo Timesheets Tips of the Month.


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