Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Real-Time Time Tracking

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Guesstimating how much time you’ve spent working on JIRA issues can lead to inaccuracies, loss of time due to having to re-track your time, and even revenue loss if billed customer hours come up short.

Tempo Timesheets’ Real-Time Time Tracker eliminates error and the need for calculating your work by doing it for you in real time.

There’s a number of ways to access the Tracker in Tempo.

First, you can opt to Start the Tracker directly in a JIRA issue by selecting it under the More menu from the top navigation.


Alternately, you can select the Tracker directly from Tempo in the navigation list.choose tracker

The Tracker bar will appear on bottom-right of your JIRA screen. real_time_time_tracker

Press the Start Tracker button when you start working on a JIRA issue. This will start tracking your time for you in real time. tracker

If you want to pause the tracker, simply press the Pause Tracker button, and then Start Tracker when you are ready to start working on the task again.

Once you’ve finished the current task, press the Stop Tracker button and the Log Work dialog will automatically open with your accurately calculated time.log_work_dialog

All you’ll need to do is select the correct JIRA issue to log this work against (this will already be selected if you’ve opened the Tracker from directly within a JIRA issue), enter a brief description of the work (if required), and click the Log Work button.

That’s it!  For more neat features, be sure to check out other Tempo Timesheets Tips of the Month.


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