Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Configuring the Tempo Scheduler

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Did you know that Jira Administrators can configure the Tempo Scheduler to plan period closures and send out reminders for team members to add and edit their worklogs before the end of the current period? If the Scheduler is configured with email notifications, all team members will receive an email according to the configuration. A sample email can be seen below:


Don’t let this neat feature pass you by; get the best out of Tempo Timesheets with the Scheduler!

To configure the Tempo Scheduler, you’ll need to start by accessing your Tempo Administration setting. You do that by clicking the Administration menu, located in the top right corner of your JIRA instance, and selecting Add-ons.

(Note that you’ll need to be a JIRA Administrator in order to be able to configure Tempo Timesheets).access_addons

Next, on the Add-ons page, locate Scheduler under the Tempo Timesheets section from the left navigation.scheduler

Now you’ve got the Tempo Scheduler option open and you’re free to edit the current scheduler settings to your preference.

Now there are two things that you can do with the Tempo Scheduler, the first thing is to Schedule the Closure, which allows Admins to set a period for when users are able to log their work into a timesheet. This feature can for example prevent users from editing worklogs before a certain date. The Scheduling Reminders feature can come in handy when reminding employees to fill out their timesheet before the end of the Closure.

Schedule Closure

The overview of Tempo Scheduler configured for a weekly closure can be seen in the screenshot below:


You can also edit the Scheduler settings by clicking Edit link located in the Operations field. By clicking the Edit link, a new dialog will open up for editing the Tempo Scheduler reminder. edit_scheduler

Choose the setting of your preference and click the Save button on the bottom to activate new configurations to the Scheduler.

Schedule Reminders

Scheduled reminders differ from Scheduled Closures, in that they are just reminders and there is no closing date. This means that when editing the Scheduler, the Make Scheduler Close box stays unchecked (see screenshots below). If this box is checked, however, then you can also configure how soon after a reminder is sent that the period will close.



If you’re in doubt that the your configurations are correct, you have a few options to verify and test out the latest changes you’ve made:

1. Disable the Tempo Scheduler

2. Test the Scheduler Email

3. List the Users that are to receive the email from the Scheduler.


If you want to learn more about how to get started with Tempo Timesheets, we recommend this webinar recording with all the necessary tips and tricks. 

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