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What Are Tempo 7.5’s Permissions and Team Management Features All About?

Tempo’s new Permissions and Team Management features are two major new enterprise additions included in our Tempo 7.5 release, in addition to our new Workload Schemes for international teams, large-scale and distributed teams, and those with employees working on different schedules or with varying workloads.

The new Permissions feature enables JIRA administrators to assign various permissions within Tempo. For instance, not all JIRA administrators may wish to have Tempo administrators access all permissions within Tempo.

Permission to handle Tempo’s administrative options can now be maintained by non-JIRA administrators. This gives access only to a subset of the administrative tabs in Tempo. Now, there are three main permissions in Tempo: Tempo Administrator, Tempo Team Manager, and Tempo Time Tracking.

Tempo Administrator Tempo 7.5

Tempo administrators will now have permission to administer Tempo, while Tempo Team Managers may now manage Tempo teams.

Tempo Team Manager Top Navigation

Tempo teams are comprised of Team Leaders and Team Members. Team Leaders are allowed to view and manage timesheets for the Team Members of the team(s) they are assigned to. Team Members have access to Tempo time tracking.

Tempo Manage Teams Page

To help introduce how these new features work, we’ve included a short tutorial for users below. Be sure to also take a look at our documentation on the new Permissions, as well as Team Management, for further explanation with screenshots, and see this sneak peek as well.

Let us know what you think about Tempo 7.5. We’re constantly striving to make Tempo the best time tracking JIRA add-on out there, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Upgrading to Tempo 7.5 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. New customers can purchase a license for JIRA download through the Atlassian Marketplace. Tempo OnDemand can be purchased through us.

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