Killer Marketplace Add-ons: Enhanced QA with Screen Recording for JIRA

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There are some really awesome add-ons available in the Atlassian ecosystem right now, and we thought we'd highlight some of the ones that we think are interesting, unique, and that our users might like, too — to share some love and support for what others are working hard on, and also to help spread the word. So, without further ado, today we’re launching Killer Marketplace Add-ons, where we'll periodically write about or share a guest post from other awesome add-ons that are available on Atlassian's Marketplace.

Our first post features the add-on ScreenMail for JIRA, created by Dream Broker, an online video software company from Finland.

Easy issue enhancement for JIRA

ScreenMail’s browser-based recording capabilities allow you to record videos from your screen (and voice) and directly upload them to your JIRA issues. How cool is that? Visual communication offers a good counterpoint to text, adding another layer of depth, context, and meaning to it, and allowing its intended beneficiaries to better grasp a particular subject. Enhancing JIRA issues with video and voice adds a whole other interactive layer of information and guidance to reduce the possibility of misunderstandings, and to save time on articulating specifications or difficult problems.

How can ScreenMail help QA teams?

ScreenMail's enhancement of JIRA issues can be particularly helpful in the QA realm, where reproducing hard-to-find bugs and then backtracking what caused them with the help of a demonstrative screen recording and voiceover reduces the need to rely on a written summary that might not sufficiently describe the issue and convey what needs to be fixed — others can simply watch the screen recording and witness a narrated demonstration of the bug in action. This can translate to saved time and less hassle.

JIRA issue with ScreenMail video

JIRA issue with ScreenMail video attached

Alternately, screen recording can be used to demonstrate customer-requested features and how those might work. Here’s a real-life example of Tempo using screen reporting to highlight a new feature request in Tempo.

The new feature request was to add JIRA Issue to Tempo’s main navigation list, and also to add an Issue Picker to the Issue Report in Tempo. The below screen recording demonstrates what the customer is referring to, where the feature is missing, and where it needs to be added.

Creating screen recordings of new feature requests and bugs by our team makes it is easier for others to understand and correct them. The added layer of communication among the QA team within JIRA issues helps with the exchange of ideas, changes, specifications, and requirements.

In addition, easy to make videos show how the feature works after the new feature is added or the bug has been corrected.

What makes ScreenMail the ideal medium?

Easy set-up. There is nothing to install or download with this add-on. You only need a browser to get started. Once activated, you press a ‘Record’ button on your screen. The video becomes a part of a designated JIRA issue, and can be watched by anyone with access to the issue. It’s simple, painless, and immediately integrated with JIRA.

Immediate collaboration. Once a screen recording is made, it can be added immediately to a JIRA issue and viewed by a specific recipient for viewing and feedback. This means you can quickly let your colleagues know of an important, possibly complicated bug that requires fixing, like... right now!

Saved time. The added layer of visual and oral communication in JIRA issues means potentially avoiding unnecessary, time-consuming meetings and communication failures that lead to incorrect work and the need for do-overs. Who wants to spend more time than is necessary on irritating, complicated bugs? Not us.

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