Getting Started with Tempo Timesheets: Enabling Extras (2/3)

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Getting used to new software can be a daunting task. To make this process easier for Admins and those with Tempo’s Team Manager permission, we’ve put together a three-part series of blog posts to help with the transition, and to help you optimize your set-up and use of Tempo Timesheets. This post, the second in the series, walks you through the steps of Enabling Extras in Tempo Timesheets. These include things that you’ll need to consider when getting started.

  1. First things first — you’ll need to start by accessing your Tempo Administration setting. You do that by clicking the Administration icon, located in the top right corner of your JIRA instance, and selection Add-ons. (Note that the you’ll need to be a JIRA Administrator in order to be able to configure Tempo Timesheets).
  2. Next, on the Add-ons page, locate the Tempo Timesheets section from the left navigation. In the screenshot below, we’ve outlined the steps you’ll need follow, and further instructions are below it on executing each step.


Step 1: Determine Approval Processes and Accounting

The Global Configuration has a number of options to enable Tempo's approval processes for both Account and User Timesheets.

If User Timesheet approval is enabled, Team Members can submit their timesheets for approval and Team Leaders are provided with an overview of each user's workflow status to be approved.

If Account Timesheet approval is enabled, Team Leaders can approve an account which is managed in the Account Manager.


Step 2: Disable/Keep Enabled Tempo's Planning Features

In the Global Configuration, Tempo's planning features are enabled by default. When enabled, users can plan time in Tempo Timesheets and allocate people to projects, versions, components, and issues. This feature is especially useful if users need to plan time on JIRA issues or activities. For instance, organizations may wish to keep track of internal issues, such as vacation time, meetings, or travel, and display this time in Tempo's timesheet views.

If Tempo's Time Planning features are available, Team Members can plan their own time, or Team Leaders can plan time for them.


Step 3: Use the Account Manager

Connecting customers, multiple JIRA projects, and responsible parties can be achieved with through Tempo's Accounts features. The Account Manager consists of three main elements.

  • Customers:  Customers can have one or many accounts.
  • Accounts:  Accounts can be assigned to one or many Projects.
  • Categories:  Accounts can only belong to one category.

Accounts can be set up manually via the Tempo Account Manager or imported through a .CSV file.


Step 4: Add Additional Worklog Attributes

Tempo's Worklog attributes provide options to capitalize worklogs by adding additional information to them. These attributes are stored as a key-value pair with worklogs, and are not cleared, though the worklog might be moved to another JIRA issue.

An example of a worklog attributes are simple true/false values, such as "Overtime", "Not Billable," and "Driving cost," or more complex Dynamic Drop-downs that are populated by a JSONP script. These worklog attributes will display (if added) in Tempo report views.


Step 5: Configuring the Tempo Scheduler

The Tempo Scheduler is used to send out reminders to users of the imminent close of their current time registration period, and also to remind them to add or edit their worklogs. The selection can be on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

If the Scheduler is configured with Email settings, all Team Members will receive an email according to the configuration - see an example in the screenshot below.

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That’s it! We’ve gone through everything needed in order to get you started with Tempo Timesheets. In the last related post in this series, we’ll cover how to fine tune your settings — stay tuned!

Be sure to check out our blog for more info in setting up Tempo Timesheets and getting the best out of the product.


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