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Name: Origo (TM Software)

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland


Bio: TM Software is one of Iceland's leading software development companies. With a staff of 60-plus IT professionals. During the company's two decades in existence, it has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of consultancy, software development and implementation.


TM Software


TM Software's core business is the selling of software and services to a diverse array of Icelandic and foreign companies. The majority of the work done by TM Software is billed to its clientele, while a percentage of its work is billed internally. In light of these dual billing streams, it is imperative that the billing process remain fully transparent and easily accessible to employees and customers alike.


Atlassian JIRA and Tempo
TM Software's first choice for a system that could solve the problems endemic to both service and development was Atlassian JIRA. This product suite was chosen for a number of reasons--chief among them being flexibility and extensibility via a robust plugin architecture. Shortly after its adoption of JIRA, TM Software began developing the Tempo plugin. The vision of the Tempo developers was to architect a system that would unify all time-tacking, issue-tracking, and billing streams and thus vastly simplify the entire billing layer of the company. This, in turn, would free the staff from the daily burden of logging time in multiple systems.

Without a doubt, Tempo met and exceeded the expectations that were initially set forth.

“We wanted the rollout of Tempo to reflect TM Software's new image and service approach. After successfully implementing Tempo and JIRA, we experienced a marked decrease in wasted time and a concurrent increase in customer satisfaction. “

Ágúst Einarsson Managing Director TM Software


The Challenge: Outdated processes and legacy tools are characterized by tedious input and arcane output.

  • Staff was logging hours in multiple systems (billing system, task system, and bug-tracking system)
  • Staff was under pressure from administrators to enter hours into the billing system while simultaneously being pressure by PM's to enter hours into task and bug systems
  • Adjusting time-sheets and billable hours info was tedious and time-consuming
  • Clients did not see any value in the billing sheets generated by the billing system
  • Processes did not cohere with TM Software agile/lean efforts
  • Staff and management were frustrated by the overall process
  • The path from hours worked, to hours logged, to hours billed was a vastly inefficient journey


Today, JIRA and Tempo form the bedrock of TM Software's time management and billing processes. Every TM Software employee--whether their focus is marketing, services, or development--routinely and painlessly logs their work in Tempo's web-based user interface.

After successfully road-testing JIRA and Tempo in a real-world environment, TM Software has now integrated JIRA and Tempo with SAP to provide billing and account management. In addition, JIRA and Tempo have also been integrated with Microsoft Reporting Services to facilitate state-of-the-art Business Intelligence encompassing up-to-the-minute updates on workforce utilization and segmentation of work.

  • Reduction of processing costs by 50%
  • Happier clients - time sheets are easy to understand
  • Happier employees
  • Accessible from any computer
  • Fully integrated system from JIRA to SAP
  • Tempo was so good we made it a product

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