Tempo Documentation in Confluence

New Tempo Documentation Page

Today we have published a new site for the Tempo Documentation using Confluence 4. Until now the Tempo documentation has been available online on our homepage for the current version and the page is updated for every new version that we release. Documentation for older versions of Tempo is available here.

The New Tempo Wiki

The site that we launched today, http://wiki.tempoplugin.com , includes the latest 'Documentation''Release Notes' and 'Use Cases and Examples' pages and it's completely open.

Tempo Documentation Wiki - Welcome

Everyone can comment on the pages and as always we are listening to our customers.

Read it, comment on the pages and help us make this site useful for all Tempo users around the world. Everyone can comment on the pages and as always we are listening to our customers.

Why Change Now?

We have been following the Atlassian products for years and reading their documentation in Confluence for all their products that we are using for our development.

Since JIRA 4.0, the documentation was presented to us as a Space in Confluence. We find this way of document presentation an excellent example of how to do it as it's very easy to update the pages and link to the latest version from the older ones. We decided then that we would present our documentation like this.

When we first tried out the new Confluence 4 in the Confluence Early Access Program we couldn't wait any longer, WOW this fantastic tool has been improved a lot!

The New Editor

When I first heard about the new editor in Confluence 4 and that the wiki markup would no longer be an option I was not happy. For the last 4 years I've been using Confluence with wiki as the default editor. I'm so much into wiki that my dreams are in wiki format. The first pages I did in Confluence 4 Early Access, I used the insert wiki option to do my stuff. After a while I started to use the new editor with my wiki knowledge and it was very impressive and now I don't use anything else. I'm so much in the new editor now that I don't even dream in the wiki markup anymore.

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