Benefits of Cloud Migration

Explore the advantages of moving to cloud and simplify your IT demands with Tempo for Jira cloud


Proven time tracking at scale

Scalable technology

  • Get flexibility in every direction to meet customer needs
  • Easily right-size your user subscriptions as needs fluctuate
  • Benefit from more frequent product and performance improvements with faster bug fixes

Happier IT teams

  • No more lengthy and expensive manual upgrades
  • Outsource tedious tasks of server setup, repair and maintenance to Tempo and Atlassian
  • With less overhead, your IT team can focus on being productive

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Move into the future

  • Get instant and automatic access to the latest features, security upgrades and bug fixes
  • Improve stability and performance in the long run with more frequent updates and removal of outdated features
  • Unburden your teams and eliminate the need to continually re-train users
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Support your remote teams

  • Cloud hosting simplifies remote work and distributed teams
  • When needed, the Cloud is accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device 
  • Teams can take advantage of every new feature and improvement anywhere, all the time

Thinking about moving from Server? Here’s how Tempo can support you

  • A powerful network of Partners to guide you
  • A Jira Cloud Migration Assistant app, created with Atlassian (available early 2021)
  • A helpful Server to Cloud migration guide

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