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Agile EVM app from Tempo

Navigate effortlessly through large project portfolios

With agile Earned Value Management software from Tempo, all of your projects and portfolios are available in a powerful overview.

The overview supports advanced filters and customization, so you can easily classify and sort through all of your projects.

Agile EVM app: Overview

Stay on top of performance with comprehensive dashboards

With agile Earned Value Management software from Tempo, you get early warning signs and can take corrective action.

Access a comprehensive dashboard for each project or portfolio with key health metrics. Get a clear picture of your forecasted and current performance.

Agile EVM app: Performance dashboard 2

Tempo Budgets has saved time preparing for reviews, as we don't have to make EV graphs manually. It has also made trends more visible to take corrective action.

Damian Le Gresley
Head of Engineering Improvement of BAE Systems

Easily create financial plans for your projects

With agile Earned Value Management software from Tempo, you can define the scope and schedule of your project in a few clicks.

For each project you can track costs, revenue and profitability. In addition, Tempo Budgets is the only agile EVM app designed for Jira.

Agile earned value management software: Financial plan in Jira

Save time and avoid double entries with automatic cost and revenue tracking

  • Agile EVM app: Cost of labor
    Cost of Labor: Hours logged on Jira issues are automatically reported in the actual costs of your projects.
  • Agile EVM app: Operational expenditures
    Issue expenses: Tempo Timesheets lets you add expenses in issues that are reported in project actuals. 
  • Agile EVM app: Record expenses
    CAPEX & OPEX: You can link a project with Tempo Accounts to automatically classify costs as CAPEX or OPEX.
  • Agile earned value management software: Billable hours
    Billable hours: Revenue can be derived automatically from billable hours entered in Tempo Timesheets.
  • Agile EVM app: Add or edit costs
    Manual entries: You always have the option to manually add or edit costs and revenues yourself.

You want to know immediately when a project is going off the rails. Instead of using a spreadsheet, just lay Budgets on top of Jira.

Amanda Babb
Principal Consultant of Praecipio Consulting

Access real-time reports in no time

With Tempo's agile EVM app, you can access all of your financial information through an extensive set of customizable reports available in real-time.

Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV and PDF.

Agile earned value management software: Cost report

The only full-fledged agile EVM app for Jira

Tempo Budgets is compatible with the EVM methodology and includes indicators like CPI and SPI.

For each project, the Earned Value can be based on effort, story points or any custom numerical value used in your issues.

Agile earned value management software: Project dashboard


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