Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe® scales better with Tempo

For organizations scaling SAFe® and using Jira, Tempo's modular suite of solutions provides real-time visibility and insight at all work levels.

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SAFe® is the framework of choice for over 20,000 organizations that are scaling agile.

However, successfully implementing SAFe® principles is no simple task. Many companies look to technology to enable the collaboration, visibility, and alignment they need.

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Align strategy to outcomes

Visualize your business strategy, themes and vision. Set and sequence strategic priorities to ensure all teams are on the same page for what outcomes matter most.

  • Quickly create, iterate, and maintain visually appealing roadmaps
  • Develop themes and strategic goals to guide downstream priorities
  • Connect your high-level strategy with project planning
  • Harness accurate, real-time data to create clear and simple views of financial health at every level

Plan smarter 

Gain real-time visibility and insights to streamline decision-making and drive alignment from strategy to team-level execution.

  • Make effective decisions based on comprehensive, real-time data — not static calendars
  • Optimize available resources and find the staff needed for tasks and projects, even from other teams
  • Effectively scale capacity management across your organization
  • Manage and measure the financial performance of project portfolios by analyzing budget, costs, revenue, and scope
  • Coordinate value streams and solution trains and plan and execute Program Increments (PIs) with a holistic of planning, progress, and capacity across business goals, releases, and programs 

Communicate, align, plan, and execute at scale

Tempo offers a comprehensive suite of Jira-native solutions that are highly modular, fully scalable, and easily adoptable so agile teams can successfully implement SAFe®.

  • Create and share custom dashboards for reporting on portfolio allocation, sprint progress, workloads, cumulative spend, customer satisfaction, and more
  • Surface real-time insights, eliminating the need for exports to Excel
  • View data across multiple projects and visualize it different ways
  • Streamline cost reporting for better financial management
  • Create transparency across the enterprise by sharing essential risk, status, and progress data that the company and team leaders need to make informed decisions



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